Bonobo Stops in Miami for North American Tour


Over the course of his 15-year career, Bonobo has grown to international critical acclaim. His organic and detailed sound mixed with a modern electronic feel keeps him on the forefront of the musical frontier.

After a massive live tour with a 12-piece band in 2013, Bonobo has begun a North American tour that will feature his DJ set. He will be performing with support from Kastle on October 4th at Grand Central in downtown Miami. 

Bonobo is nothing short of hypnotizing. Born Simon Green in Hampshire, England, an early interest in music has made Bonobo into the genius he is today. Green’s music is complex, vibrant, and always has the listener in mind. It does not stick to one particular sound or scene, but it has garnered hundreds of thousands of fans.

Green knows how to insert the human element into his music, and that makes the idea of his DJ set just as exciting as his live show. His wide range of knowledge about different genres has given him the ability to perform well in many different musical situations, including DJ sets.

Even though he is first and foremost a solo artist, it should be interesting to see how he translates different music into a one-man performance without the accompaniment of live vocals or instruments.

Green’s thoughtfully layered songs whisk you away to a different place and time, making you forget all of your worries. No matter what genre of music you like, Bonobo is sure to captivate and amaze you. Don’t miss out on your chance to see him in Miami. Tickets are currently $20 and can be found here.


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