Cut Copy Brings Indie Rock to Miami with Phenomenal Performace


From beginning to end, Cut Copy put on an intense and compelling show that had the attendees hooked from the very start.

Photography by Jake Pierce

There’s nothing quite like a sold-out show at an intimate venue. The ambiance, the sheer mass of people, almost everything is different than just any normal concert. The sold-out Cut Copy and Classixx show on Wednesday night at Grand Central was no exception. The night was a magical one filled with die-hard fans and extraordinary music. It wasn’t a typical Miami show with phones constantly in the air and underage kids rudely bumping into you. Instead, the only bumping that was going down was by people dancing the night away.

A larger-than-life retro TV set filled the middle of the stage. Michael David and Tyler Blake stood on each side of it with their respectable instruments. Classixx had recently performed at Sasquatch, Governor’s Ball and Bonnaroo, and now Grand Central was lucky enough to be graced with their presence.

The duo gained notable attention with their debut album “Hanging Gardens” and played most of their original songs throughout the night.  They started with one of their biggest hits “I’ll Get You,” but it was the live performance of their iconic remixes, like Yacht’s “Psychic City,” that got the crowd moving. The combination of live instrumentation and heavy usage of synthesizers made for an interesting outcome. Most of the vocals were pre-recorded, but when the duo did live singing, it was like experiencing bliss. They played an extremely short set, only about 40 minutes, and they should’ve been given at least an hour due to their talent and up-and-coming status.

From beginning to end, Cut Copy put on an intense and compelling show that had the attendees hooked from the very start. The four-piece band started with “We Are Explorers” and included songs not only from their latest album but classic favorites from previous albums that made the crowd move as one entity, a sign that true fans filled the space.

The band put on an amazing display of talent with each and every song, seamlessly going from one to the next. As the show went on, the music seemed to get louder and more intimate, and the bass seemed to get deeper, further drawing you into their music and simplistic psychedelic visuals. Lead Dan Whitford’s voice is constantly studio quality and extremely unique, making it associable with the band, but he tends to stay in one tone and pitch. The singing and songwriting take over the range. It works and everyone loved it.

Cut Copy went on to play crowd favorites like “Hearts On Fire,” “Let Me Show You Love”  and “Lights and Music.” They waited a good five minutes to come back for a two-song encore that included “Walking in the Sky” and “Need You Now.” The encore was lighter-in-the-air worthy, but not one lighter was raised.

Towards the end of the show, Whitford proclaimed that the Grand Central show was the best of the tour thus far, but that leaves many wondering if bands say that at every show. Whether that be the case or not, it was excellent night for music in Miami. This city doesn’t have a big electronic indie rock scene, but Cut Copy proved that it can. Since this exciting show, lights and music have been on our minds.


Nightmares On Wax Makes Only Florida Stop in Miami


Nightmares On Wax will be performing his only Florida show at Grand Central Miami on July 21st.

For Nightmares On Wax, it’s always been about the music and the fun you have making and dancing to it. The legendary musician is dropping a new album this month and stopping in Miami next month as a part of his worldwide tour. Nightmares On Wax will be performing his only Florida show at Grand Central Miami on July 21st. Tickets are currently $20 and can be found here. Doors will open at 8 pm.

Over the last 25 years, Nightmares On Wax has definitely made a name for himself. Also known as George Evelyn, he is the longest standing artist on Warp Records and is one of the original innovators of genre merging.

He has lived in Ibiza for the last seven years focusing on his Wax Da Jam and Wax Da Beach parties, increasingly gaining new influences along the way.

“It’s been pivotal to my music making,” he said in his online biography, “and also made me think about the new concept of my live show. I’ve done the full band thing and the sound system thing and now I really want to marry the two and to do so with a real live percussive edge.”

His last album, “Feelin’ Good,” was his first album in five years and cemented him as strong of a force, if not stronger, as he was at the beginning of his career in the early ‘90s. His much-anticipated eighth studio album “N.O.W. Is The Time” will be released on June 17th. Come out for an unforgettable night of seductive beats and soothing melodies.

Cut Copy, Classixx Make Their Way to Miami For a Night Full of Musical Magic


What happens when two major indie-electro-rock groups team up for one huge worldwide tour? You get one of the best events of the summer. Cut Copy will bring their “Free Your Mind” tour to Grand Central Miami on June 18th with special guest, Classixx. Whether you enjoy lyrical- or instrumental-based songs, this will be one night you don’t want to miss.

The Australian indie-electro band Cut Copy is officially touring the US this summer for their most recent album “Free Your Mind.” What started as a solo home-recording project expanded into the four-person band many know and love today. Cut Copy is almost a musical experiment for Dan Whitford, creator of the group who also dabbles with graphic design. Originally, their performances were essentially DJ sets when there were only two members involved. That has evolved to the full-blown live band performance they are known for today.Free Your Mind is an album inspired by the Summer of Love, in reference to San Francisco’s summer of 1967 and Britain’s summer of 1988 and 1989. While it has gotten mixed reviews, the dreamy pop, funky rock album creates a must-see live show that has been praised around the world.

Classixx made their name internationally known with the release of their debut album, Hanging Gardens, in 2013. The duo changed the Los Angeles electronic music scene with their simplistic yet intricate combination of disco, nu-wave, indie and house music. Childhood friends, Tyler Blake and Michael David started as a remix-based duo called Young Americans. After their chilled-out remix of “Lisztomania” by Phoenix garnered more attention, they realized that they didn’t need to make the high-energy, trashing electro that Los Angeles was continuously producing. Their influences and inspirations span many genres and decades – Everything from Kraftwerk and The Isley Brothers to Holy Ghost! and Haim have impacted their production style. While they might not consider themselves a major force in electronic music, they undoubtedly are.

Tickets are currently $30 and can be found here. Doors will open at 8pm.