Kill The Zo Breaks Boundaries, Brings Back D’n’B Bass with Debut Tour

Mat Zo and Kill The Noise unite to bring fans a genre-defying and ever-changing set.

If drum ‘n’ bass is making a comeback, it’s exclusively due to Kill The Zo, an exciting collaboration betweenMat Zo and Kill The Noise. The duo brought their new project to Grand Central Miami last Friday as a part of their debut North American tour and surprised the crowd with a genre-defying and ever-changing set.

Because the two DJs have distinctly different sounds and styles, music lovers flocked to the downtown club to satisfy their curiosity of what this interesting combination would sound like. Whether you like jaw-dropping bass or not, there was something for everyone to enjoy well into the wee hours of the morning.

Instead of just performing as Kill The Zo, the two musicians performed separately first and then together as the new collaboration, enticing the crowd to party through the entirety of the night.

The evening started with Wuki, a newcomer to the dance music world. Previously involved withInnerpartysystem, this Denver-based DJ got the crowd moving with remixes of some old-school songs and some unknown tracks. While his song choice seemed random, his technique was focused and driven, and his effort was immense. Even if you don’t like the music a DJ plays, you have to admire when someone gets behind the decks and gives it their all, and that’s exactly what Wuki did.

Kill The Noise played a deafening set that literally shook the walls of Grand Central. Most of this solo set was hardcore dubstep that made the crowd go wild at every intense build up and every hair-raising drop. However, Kill The Noise did surprise with the Skrillex, Kill The Noise and Milo & Otis remix of “NRG” by Duck Sauce and a different remix of “Percolator.” He brought energy to the crowd that was previously missing, and by the time Mat Zo was ready to go on at 2am., people were already slowly leaving the club. No one expected the main act to go on at 3am, but those who stuck around were in for a treat.

Mat Zo played a high-energy set as well, tempting people to stay a little longer. His mixture of hard electro, dubstep, D’n’B, trance and more portrayed true innovation and mastery of performing live. He played some of his classics like “Pyramid Scheme vs. Walter White” and “Only For You” among others from his early stardom days. Combined with a majority of unknown underground tracks, Mat Zo made it almost impossible to leave the dance floor. As his set progressed and his talent captivated you more and more, he drew you further into the club. A crowd favorite was his D’n’B remix to “Get Lucky” that was perfect in almost every way.

The moment that everyone was waiting for came a little later than expected. It was 3 a.m., and the crowd had died down compared to the previous two hours, but those still left were ready to rage just as hard, if not harder.

Kill The Zo consisted mainly of Mat Zo doing most of the work while Kill The Noise drank a beer and smoked a cigarette in the background. When Kill The Noise did take over, it was during the most intense and chaotic times of the set, and he commanded everyone’s attention. They played everything from house to electro, dubstep to D’n’B. This included their debut track “Part 1.”

Both Mat Zo and Kill The Noise are talented as solo artists, but their talents combined superseded any other music played that night. It was interesting to see completely different qualities combine to create something not only new, but distinctive as well. D’n’B took over the end of the set. If any modern group has mastered the art of this genre, it is Kill The Zo. The duo makes you like D’n’B even if you despise it.


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