Get #ShipFaced AFTER Holy Ship


Just when you thought that Holy Ship!!! couldn’t get any more rowdy, some local promoters decided to throw a #ShipFaced #ShipFam after party in downtown Miami. After shippers return from a unique four-day musical excursion in the Bahamas, they, along with everyone in Miami, will have the opportunity to see L-Vis 1990Gina Turner,French Fries and more at Vagabond on Monday, the 13th.

The BBQ is an all-day event, starting at 2 p.m. and ending at 5 a.m. It also doubles as the launch party for Secret Sauce Collective, an underground music and arts group in Miami. A general admission ticket for $28.50 gets you into the party all day and night with a free CD. But for just $35 more, you can get a VIP ticket that includes free food, massages, goodie bags and more.

L-Vis 1990, aka James Connolly, is one of the co-founders of the label Night Slugs. Formed with longtime friend Bok Bok, Connolly is not new to the music scene. He was putting together events in the UK when he was just a teenager. Since then, he has gone on to develop his own sound and style that sets him apart from others. He has a forthcoming EP, Dance System, due to be released through Clone Records.

Gina Turner is one bad bitch. Not only is she Laidback Luke‘s wife, but she has a side project with him (Nouveau Yorican) and is in charge of Turn It Records as well. Turner got her start in music with radio and studied audio production and radio broadcasting at Emerson. Even though she has become more popular recently, she has stuck to her roots and still has her own radio shows. Not to mention, she’s playing b2b with her hubby on Holy Ship and at this after party, all while being extremely pregnant.

French Fries is one of those artists that seems to fly under the radar because of his low-key persona. However, this native South American, who now lives in southern Paris, has been in the industry since he was 14-years-old. He’s been doing this for almost half of his lifetime, and he’s only 22! No wonder he has co-founded his own record label,ClekClekBoom Recordings, and his original tracks have been remixed by the some of the best.

On top of the three exceptional headliners, Secret Sauce is stuffing the line up with local Miami DJs, like Dude SkywalkerCHALK. and t.k.Lo. Hosted by a pair of veteran shippers, this show is going to bring out the true party people. Who needs work on the Monday after Holy Ship? Let’s keep the party going for as long as we can!


via Bionic Beatlab



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