Moby is back with a new album


Right when the music world thought that Moby would never make a comeback, “Innocents” was released on Sept. 30.

This is a complete and thorough piece of work, unlike many of the albums I’ve listened to lately. The production quality is immaculate. For the first time in his 20-year career, Moby allowed another producer, Mark “Spike” Stent, to work with him. Stent is known for working with Coldplay, Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, a highly drastic change than what Moby is celebrated for.

Somehow, the two make it work. “Innocents” captures the typical Moby sound and style that everyone is accustomed to, but it is different in so many ways. For starters, the extensive amount of collaborations creates a different aura for the album. The soothing, soulful and emotional voices of Inyang Bassey and Cold Sparks, among others, work perfectly with Moby’s elegant chords and symphonies.

His move from New York City to Los Angeles seems to have had an impact on his creativity. The album is a return back to form for the musician, as repetition plays a major key in the cohesiveness for not only the album, but for most of the songs individually as well.

The use of pianos and violins, the harmonics and the melancholy ambiance are reminiscent of previous Moby albums. As listeners, we know what to expect from Moby and don’t anticipate any surprises. However, he is able to hypnotize you and draw you further into the album. In my opinion, this is what he does best, and it is most exquisitely displayed with this most recent album, especially with the closing 10-minute song.

After being in the music business for over two decades, Moby is proof that experience pays off. He has a following and will always be considered a major player in the music industry, but most people have written him off lately due to the disappointment of his last two albums. Not any more. With “Innocents,” Moby creates a sound that is just as respectable as any of his past hits.

While it is still not one of my favorite Moby albums, I am able to view him in a new light because of this newfound experimentation with his past methods. Moby’s music is talented and touching. “Innocents” is no exception.


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