Europe invades Miami’s Grand Central with Jacques Lu Cont and Proxy

They’re coming! They’re coming! The Russians and the Brits; they’re coming! OK, maybe just one Russian and one Brit, but they’re armed with destructive bass lines and annihilating rhythms.

Jacques Lu Cont and Proxy will be performing at Grand Central in Miami on July 6 to bring attendees a night of beats galore. But don’t expect this to be like any ordinary show at Grand Central. Proxy is known for his dark and grungy sound and Lu Cont brings electro beats like no one else, making it an assured night of musical perfection.

Tickets are currently $15 and can be found HERE.

From the depths of Russia comes Proxy, also known as Yevgeny Pozharnov, emerging for a small string of shows in the U.S. With him, he brings industrial rhythms, non-generic beats and twisted melodies that distort one’s perception and forces one to contemplate how someone could make such dark and obscure sounds in their right mind. Discovered by Tiga, Proxy creates music with meaning and emotion. He is a puppeteer that has the ability to magically and curiously draw you into his music to indulge in something new and different. Released earlier this year, Music From The Eastblock Jungles Pt. 2 allowed us to plunge deeper into Proxy’s mind with his experimental and genre-defying mannerisms. Musically, he does what he likes and wants, making him one of the unique innovators of our time.

Jacques Lu Cont is the French alias for a British man named Stuart Price, a Grammy-winning producer who has worked with names ranging from Madonna and Lady Gaga to New Order and Keane. He has made a name for himself by becoming one of the pioneers of bringing French house to England in the ’90s. From a very young age, he was immersed with a wide-range of musical influences and since has created multiple other successful monikers including Les Rhythmes Digitales and Thin White Duke. He has worked with the Wall of Sound record label, which boasts artists like Felix Da Housecat, Mogwai and Röyksopp, and many other prominent labels as well. Under any of the aliases he chooses to use, Price has remained a firm influence in electronic music, and music in general, despite remaining underrated to younger audiences in the United States.


via Bionic Beatlab


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