Thank God for people like Jonathan Safran Foer


What a refreshing read!

This opinion piece probes into the psychology behind technology and how it is changing human beings. Written by Jonathan Safran Foer, the article goes into deep detail about how he believes technology has changed our methods of communication and how changing those methods has inevitably made humans more distracted and less emotional.

Foer goes to explain how each step in technology has become a diminished substitute for the previous technology, each step making us more and more reclusive. As we accept these diminished substitutes, we too become diminished substitutes. He says that moving “forward” may mean avoiding emotional efforts between humans and that our new technology makes us forget about our decision to avoid this connection.

I couldn’t agree more. This subjet has been on my mind lately as I lose contact with more and more friends as they leave Gainesville. Why do I communicate solely online with some people and not with others? I have no face-to-face interactions with some of my friends, and sometimes I find that very strange.

I agree with Foer when he says that we have decided to not fully pay attention anymore, even when it comes to family and friends. However, I believe that if someone really meant that much to you, you would make sure to have some sort of meaningful and attentive face-to-face conversation, whether it be through Skype or over a cup of coffee.

Being attentive isn’t as hard as Foer puts it out to be. Putting the phone in your pocket, observing your surroundings and interacting with them as a form of communication is just as easy as sending a text or an email. Technology has made us forget how to communicate in this way, making it easier for us to indulge in our digital worlds and fantasies without any regret.


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