Text Mania


I think banning texting while driving is a good idea.

But, this new law is just ridiculous. The governor had good intentions, but there are too many loopholes that allow anyone with a brian to get out of a ticket for texting while driving. You can still use radio-listening apps, some of which require you to type. The punishment for violating the law is too lenient for any high-schooler to care.

The University of Wisconsin study makes complete and total sense. An outright ban of handheld devices while driving is more intimidating, and it seems like it would be easier to get caught. The punishment should also be a primary offense if the state really means business.

I don’t think that easing into this law is an option, and it seems like Florida is a little behind on the bandwagon, considering it was the 41st state to do something like this. Studies have shown that texting while driving is more dangerous than drinking and driving. Why were efforts “thwarted by Republican House leaders” and delayed for so long?

I believe this has to tie in with Foer’s article about how technology has led humans to become more reclusive and not care about their immediate surroundings. We have become so emotionless that we don’t care if we put not only ourselves, but also others in fatal danger by not paying attention to the road.


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