Obama forces himself into the Iran situation


Yesterday, in an executive order, President Obama made a daring move to take a jab at the Iranian economy to render it useless.

The Obama administration approved new sanctions on Iran’s currency and the automobile industry in order to force Iran to cooperate with international demands. International nations, including the United States, want Iran to prove that their nuclear program is not dangerous.

I believe that it is important to determine whether a country is peaceful or not, but it is not the job of the U.S. or Obama to force that to happen. Iranians are saying that the efforts from the U.S. are ineffective, but the Obama administration says that they are devastating. By making this move, Obama may be targeting certain pockets of the government, but he is essentially hurting the nation as a whole.

What is the general population supposed to do if their economy was purposefully ruined by another country? I would be upset and take it as a malicious attack, not against the country, but the people.

As a journalist, should I blindly believe the hard numbers and information given out by the White House? I think that not only journalists should question these numbers given out by state and national agencies, but everyone should, especially when the sources remain anonymous.


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