Peter Murphy celebrates 35 years of Bauhaus at Grand Central Miami


On April 30, the Godfather of Goth, Peter Murphy, will celebrate 35 years of Bauhaus at Grand Central in downtown Miami. The Mr. Moonlight Tour started on April 22 and consists of music soley from the gothic rock band in which he was the lead vocalist. This tour is the first time since 2006 that Murphy will perform full Bauhaus sets, and the first time ever where he will be doing so by himself. The combination of the dark rock and the electronic influence has set this group apart since its inception, and Tuesday night will surely showcase that showmanship.

Bauhaus formed in England in 1978 and is considered the first gothic rock group because of their dark and gloomy sound and image. They helped create the look and sound that we associate with goth today due to the post-punk landscape that the band was created in. The group quickly gained a cult following and became well-known internationally. Originally only together for 5 years, they broke up in 1983. Many of the members started solo projects that topped the charts in the U.S., despite becoming unknown in England. They reunited in 1998 and again from 2005-2008 due to popular demand for more tours. Their last and final album, Go Away White, was made in 2008.

Even though Bauhaus isn’t coming back, Murphy has permeated the scene not only with his solo career, but also with his innovative ways of incorporating Bauhaus into his own music today. The dub-inspired melodies paired with Murphy’s deep baritone voice allows anyone to see that electronic music has been a driving force, even in the ’70s and ’80s. This tour may be the last chance you have to see an original member from Bauhaus play a full set of only their music.

The Mr. Moonlight Tour brings a huge compilation of dates that spans North America, Europe and even the Middle East (Two dates in Israel have just been confirmed). With My Jerusalem as an opener, general admission is $28 and VIP tickets are $60. VIP includes early entrance, a meet and greet with Murphy, an exclusive edition T-shirt and a signed poster. Doors for VIP open at 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. for GA. Tickets can be found HERE.

via Bionic Beatlab


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