Daft Punk to release new album late spring


Whether you’re into electronic music or not, the one name of the genre that everyone knows is Daft Punk.

The French duo, comprised of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, made headlines last month when they announced that they would be leaving their long-term home at EMI’s Virgin Records for the Sony-owned Columbia Records.

With this, news of a new album being released in spring has spread like wildfire. However, no one is exactly sure when it is supposed to come out.

Famous music producer Nile Rodger hinted at the release date in a blog post saying, “The next time I set foot in Japan, my collaboration with Daft Punk would have started to hit people’s eardrums…”

Some reported collaborations on the new album include Chilly Gonzalez and Panda Bear from Animal Collective.

There was speculation that they would be on the Coachella lineup, but to the disappointment of ticket holders, that ended up not happening.

Some people are still hopeful though. Back in 2010, Daft Punk came on stage for a surprise appearance at a Phoenix concert in Madison Square Garden and it just so happens that Phoenix is on the Coachella lineup this year.

Unfortunately, according to Rob da Bank, the organizer of Bestival, said that Daft Punk doesn’t have any plans to tour this year. His Twitter statement got a lot of attention and he recently said that he was under pressure while being interviewed and to take his statement with a large pinch of salt. He also mentioned that he thought that Daft Punk doesn’t even know if they’ll be touring or not next year.

Rodrigo Lizarraga is a multimedia artist for Trendy Entertainment in Gainesville who has a passion for Daft Punk. He was able to see them at BANG! in Miami in 2006.

“I’ve been to almost every major festival in the states and I’ve seen so many artists perform live and nothing has ever compared to that show,” Lizarraga said. “With every Daft Punk album comes a surge of a new sound. They are incredibly influential.”

This past Halloween, he purchased a custom-made replica of Bangalter’s Daft Punk robot helmet and studded the Daft Punk logo onto leather jacket himself.

“I love their image and those helmets are badass,” he said.




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