Following A Sold Out GRiZville, GRiZ returns to Florida in March


I’ve taken on a huge workload this semester in order to spice up my resume and graduate as soon as possible. Because of this, my social life has suffered. One of the only times I’ve gone out this semester has been the GRiZ show in Gainesville on Jan. 20 at Simon’s Nightclub. I had certain expectations going into this show and I’ll admit that they weren’t among low standards.

Photo by Alex Silva

The show was sold out. My group and I walked to Simons and found a huge line going down the street and wrapping around the building. This has become standard in Gainesville when bigger artists come to town, especially when that artist blew up in such a short time frame.

The club was packed and dancing vigorously well before GRiZ took the stage. And when he did appear before the crowd, the atmosphere seemed to get sweatier and more intense.

After I listened to a bunch of his music earlier that week, I was convinced that he would play some of that jazz-infused electro that I like so much. I was hoping that the set wouldn’t consist of only heavy dubstep and that the sax would be an integral component. However, this is not how it turned out.

GRiZ only played the sax for two or three songs, but when he did, it was amazing. He also played some Grizmatik songs, including “Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom,” in which he remixed to make it a completely different song. Even if I don’t like dubstep all that much, GRiZ is an engaging DJ that knows how to perform to a crowd. He knows how to transition and work his way around a pair of CD turntables and a mixer. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his most recent album on my computer, but, for some reason, his live set sounded extremely different.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not hating on dubstep. It has expanded electronic music’s audience and even turned some of them into fans of other styles of the genre. We can even listen to dubstep on official White House ads for the State of the Union address. Welcome to 2013.

This was my first time going to Simons and I didn’t really know how I felt about the venue from what I had heard. My first impression was that it was the closest thing to a big-city club that Gainesville has to offer. The high ceilings, the modern and contemporary feel and the incredibly loud music are all reminiscent of clubbing in Miami.

After a busy day, I needed a drink. The main bar downstairs wrapped around a wall and extended into both rooms making it easily accessible. One area where Simons differs from Miami clubs is the drink prices. You could feasibly pay $6 for a liquor drink in the clubs of this small city (and anywhere from $10-$20 in Miami), but to my surprise, drinks were only $3 at Simons. This was cheaper than the beer that my friend bought.

Overall, it was a good night. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was still worth going to. GRiZ will be going on tour again starting on March 1, returning to Florida for shows in Tallahassee and Miami. Some featured artists on this tour include Bassnectar and Grizmatik.

via Bionic Beatlab


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