Indie sensation, Youth Lagoon, goes on tour this spring with new album


After announcing that he would be releasing a second album in early January, Youth Lagoon has released the dates for his spring 2013 tour and he will be playing only one show in Florida. His new album, “Wondrous Bughouse,” will be available on March 5.

So far, two songs from the upcoming album have been released. “Dropla” and “Mute” give us a preview to what the rest of the album may be like and it sounds like we might be getting a taste of a different side of Youth Lagoon.

Trevor Powers has been creating music under the pseudonym Youth Lagoon since 2010 when he began writing his first album, “The Year Of Hibernation.” Since then, he has gained almost 70,000 likes on Facebook and has been signed to Fat Possum Records based out of Oxford, Miss.

Powers is a 22-year-old from Boise, Idaho, that gained national attention in the indie scene due to his dreamy, intricate and unique style and thought process. His debut album is based around the idea of psychological dysphoria and his upcoming second album was influenced by mortality, the metaphysical world and the human psyche, according to the Fat Possum website.

Powers is known for making his music in isolation, but for “Wondrous Bughouse,” even though the conception of the album was done in Boise alone, he recorded the album in Georgia with Ben Allen. Allen is known for his productions in the music business and engineered some of the Bad Boy releases in the late ’90s. More recently, he has worked with bands like Animal Collective, M.I.A. and Cut Copy.

While the Fat Possum website describes his music as “minimalism and hypnotic ambiance,” they also quote Powers describing his writing process as, “my mind communicating with me, not the other way around…it can take me to scary places but I’ve realized that those bizarre thoughts I have don’t define me.”

“More so than any current artist, Youth Lagoon speaks to my soul. It [his music] reaches deep within and leaves a resonate feeling throughout my body,” said Chris Clearly, a music event organizer in Gainesville who has been following Youth Lagoon since 2010. “What I like most about Youth Lagoon is that he addresses social issues like depression and mental anguish. He has the ability to make my issues disappear.”

This is the type of music where you must look up the lyrics to truly understand the full meaning and depth of the songs. The words portray more of a sense of poetry rather than song lyrics. It is the most emotional and delicate music that I have heard in a really long time.


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