Daft Punk to release new album late spring


Whether you’re into electronic music or not, the one name of the genre that everyone knows is Daft Punk.

The French duo, comprised of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, made headlines last month when they announced that they would be leaving their long-term home at EMI’s Virgin Records for the Sony-owned Columbia Records.

With this, news of a new album being released in spring has spread like wildfire. However, no one is exactly sure when it is supposed to come out.

Famous music producer Nile Rodger hinted at the release date in a blog post saying, “The next time I set foot in Japan, my collaboration with Daft Punk would have started to hit people’s eardrums…”

Some reported collaborations on the new album include Chilly Gonzalez and Panda Bear from Animal Collective.

There was speculation that they would be on the Coachella lineup, but to the disappointment of ticket holders, that ended up not happening.

Some people are still hopeful though. Back in 2010, Daft Punk came on stage for a surprise appearance at a Phoenix concert in Madison Square Garden and it just so happens that Phoenix is on the Coachella lineup this year.

Unfortunately, according to Rob da Bank, the organizer of Bestival, said that Daft Punk doesn’t have any plans to tour this year. His Twitter statement got a lot of attention and he recently said that he was under pressure while being interviewed and to take his statement with a large pinch of salt. He also mentioned that he thought that Daft Punk doesn’t even know if they’ll be touring or not next year.

Rodrigo Lizarraga is a multimedia artist for Trendy Entertainment in Gainesville who has a passion for Daft Punk. He was able to see them at BANG! in Miami in 2006.

“I’ve been to almost every major festival in the states and I’ve seen so many artists perform live and nothing has ever compared to that show,” Lizarraga said. “With every Daft Punk album comes a surge of a new sound. They are incredibly influential.”

This past Halloween, he purchased a custom-made replica of Bangalter’s Daft Punk robot helmet and studded the Daft Punk logo onto leather jacket himself.

“I love their image and those helmets are badass,” he said.




Following A Sold Out GRiZville, GRiZ returns to Florida in March


I’ve taken on a huge workload this semester in order to spice up my resume and graduate as soon as possible. Because of this, my social life has suffered. One of the only times I’ve gone out this semester has been the GRiZ show in Gainesville on Jan. 20 at Simon’s Nightclub. I had certain expectations going into this show and I’ll admit that they weren’t among low standards.

Photo by Alex Silva

The show was sold out. My group and I walked to Simons and found a huge line going down the street and wrapping around the building. This has become standard in Gainesville when bigger artists come to town, especially when that artist blew up in such a short time frame.

The club was packed and dancing vigorously well before GRiZ took the stage. And when he did appear before the crowd, the atmosphere seemed to get sweatier and more intense.

After I listened to a bunch of his music earlier that week, I was convinced that he would play some of that jazz-infused electro that I like so much. I was hoping that the set wouldn’t consist of only heavy dubstep and that the sax would be an integral component. However, this is not how it turned out.

GRiZ only played the sax for two or three songs, but when he did, it was amazing. He also played some Grizmatik songs, including “Digital Liberation is Mad Freedom,” in which he remixed to make it a completely different song. Even if I don’t like dubstep all that much, GRiZ is an engaging DJ that knows how to perform to a crowd. He knows how to transition and work his way around a pair of CD turntables and a mixer. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to his most recent album on my computer, but, for some reason, his live set sounded extremely different.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not hating on dubstep. It has expanded electronic music’s audience and even turned some of them into fans of other styles of the genre. We can even listen to dubstep on official White House ads for the State of the Union address. Welcome to 2013.

This was my first time going to Simons and I didn’t really know how I felt about the venue from what I had heard. My first impression was that it was the closest thing to a big-city club that Gainesville has to offer. The high ceilings, the modern and contemporary feel and the incredibly loud music are all reminiscent of clubbing in Miami.

After a busy day, I needed a drink. The main bar downstairs wrapped around a wall and extended into both rooms making it easily accessible. One area where Simons differs from Miami clubs is the drink prices. You could feasibly pay $6 for a liquor drink in the clubs of this small city (and anywhere from $10-$20 in Miami), but to my surprise, drinks were only $3 at Simons. This was cheaper than the beer that my friend bought.

Overall, it was a good night. It wasn’t what I expected, but it was still worth going to. GRiZ will be going on tour again starting on March 1, returning to Florida for shows in Tallahassee and Miami. Some featured artists on this tour include Bassnectar and Grizmatik.

via Bionic Beatlab

Indie sensation, Youth Lagoon, goes on tour this spring with new album


After announcing that he would be releasing a second album in early January, Youth Lagoon has released the dates for his spring 2013 tour and he will be playing only one show in Florida. His new album, “Wondrous Bughouse,” will be available on March 5.

So far, two songs from the upcoming album have been released. “Dropla” and “Mute” give us a preview to what the rest of the album may be like and it sounds like we might be getting a taste of a different side of Youth Lagoon.

Trevor Powers has been creating music under the pseudonym Youth Lagoon since 2010 when he began writing his first album, “The Year Of Hibernation.” Since then, he has gained almost 70,000 likes on Facebook and has been signed to Fat Possum Records based out of Oxford, Miss.

Powers is a 22-year-old from Boise, Idaho, that gained national attention in the indie scene due to his dreamy, intricate and unique style and thought process. His debut album is based around the idea of psychological dysphoria and his upcoming second album was influenced by mortality, the metaphysical world and the human psyche, according to the Fat Possum website.

Powers is known for making his music in isolation, but for “Wondrous Bughouse,” even though the conception of the album was done in Boise alone, he recorded the album in Georgia with Ben Allen. Allen is known for his productions in the music business and engineered some of the Bad Boy releases in the late ’90s. More recently, he has worked with bands like Animal Collective, M.I.A. and Cut Copy.

While the Fat Possum website describes his music as “minimalism and hypnotic ambiance,” they also quote Powers describing his writing process as, “my mind communicating with me, not the other way around…it can take me to scary places but I’ve realized that those bizarre thoughts I have don’t define me.”

“More so than any current artist, Youth Lagoon speaks to my soul. It [his music] reaches deep within and leaves a resonate feeling throughout my body,” said Chris Clearly, a music event organizer in Gainesville who has been following Youth Lagoon since 2010. “What I like most about Youth Lagoon is that he addresses social issues like depression and mental anguish. He has the ability to make my issues disappear.”

This is the type of music where you must look up the lyrics to truly understand the full meaning and depth of the songs. The words portray more of a sense of poetry rather than song lyrics. It is the most emotional and delicate music that I have heard in a really long time.



Alachua Habitat for Humanity Summer Newsletter: The Ram Jack Volunteers


For quite some time, Austin Graham and John Turlington thought about getting members of their company, Ram Jack, together as a group to work with a volunteer service. At an office meeting one day, the idea of volunteering was brought up.

To their enjoyment, owners Matt and Jill Miller and employee Cory Smith jumped on the opportunity to help do something they thought would be useful to the community. Because they work at Ram Jack, a 2 1/2-year-old foundation repair company for residential and commercial buildings, they wanted to contribute to an organization that would be able to use their knowledge and skills in the construction field.

Their first choice was Habitat for Humanity.

“We had heard of Habitat throughout the years,” Graham said. “Building houses is what they do and that’s the place where we would be the most useful versus anywhere else.”

On Jan. 12, Graham, Turlington, Smith and the Millers made their way to the Rehab House in Alachua to see how they could help. Because of the group’s efforts and experience, they were able to finish multiple projects like installing doors and putting shingles on the roof of a shed.

“We got to do a little bit of everything,” Turlington said. “A lot of our guys have knowledge in the construction related field compared to a lot of other volunteers.”

Turlington had done some volunteer work while he was in college and had thought about doing more over the years, but he didn’t know how he wanted to get involved. He brought the idea up to Graham, who then organized the project within Ram Jack.

“Alachua County, in general, has given us a lot of business and [we] wanted to give back somehow,” Graham said.

Volunteering as a company has its benefits on both ends. Not only does Habitat get the experience and expertise of professionals in the construction-related industry, but Ram Jack, in return, receives recognition and a morale builder for their employees.

“We thought it would be a team building exercise for the people able to participate,” Turlington said. “We want to do it again and get more guys out next time.”

While publicity is a big perk for companies that decide to volunteer, owner Jolene Miller said that it was an incentive, but not their main incentive.

“For the community, it’s always good to give back,” Miller said. “It’s helpful and it lets people to get to know us on a personal level.”

Reflecting on their experience with Habitat, Graham, Turlington and Miller agree that they want to volunteer again in the future and encourage other companies to do so as well.

“It was a great opportunity,” Turlington said. “We only worked for four hours and we were able to get stuff accomplished while having fun.”


via Alachua Habitat For Humanity bi-monthly print and email newsletter

AURA Music & Arts Festival begins Friday


The lineups for summer music festivals are slowly being released and anticipation is building as people make plans for their break. But if you can’t wait for summer to come, consider AURA Music and Arts Festival.

This weekend marks the fourth annual AURA Music and Arts Festival. Previously held in South Florida, AURA has relocated and made their new home at the Spirit of Suwannee Music Park and Campground in Live Oak, Fla.

“We decided to move to a location that offers the opportunity for us to grow,” Cameron Troy, vice president of AURA Music Group, said. “We outgrew the other location and we wanted to grow the festival somewhere where we can be comfortable for many years.”

AURA encompasses a variety of different genres of music ranging from rock, funk and jazz to reggae, jam and electronic. The lineup includes headliners like Papadosio,ConspiratorPerpetual Groove and Break Science, most of whom will be playing two sets over the course of the weekend.

While AURA was able to snag some big names in the electronic jam band scene, also known as livetronica or jamtronica, it grabbed some lesser-known artists like DrFameus from The Disco Biscuits and Nigel Hall from Lettuce.

AURA will feature a Stevie Wonder tribute performed by Kung Fu and Hall. Troy said that the idea for this came when his business partner had a dream that Kung Fu was playing a rhythm and blues set and upon awakening, he immediately called Todd Stoops, the keyboardist from Kung Fu, and told him about it.

Stoops thought it was a great idea and decided to include Hall in developing an idea for some sort of tribute set that included a genre that the group didn’t usually perform.

However, AURA offers more than just music. This is a true art festival as well.

“It’s not just about the music, but the vibes behind AURA,” Troy said.

This year, they have teamed up with Moksha Family Arts Collective from Miami to provide some visionary artwork. Moksha is a non-profit organization that donates all of their funds towards the support of local artists and community projects.

The Moksha Family has been to numerous music festivals all over the country and world including The Burning Man Project, Bonnaroo, Coachella and Sónar, just to name a few.

Among the 19 artists already scheduled to perform at AURA, famed poster artist Jeff Woods will paint live in front of an audience for the first time ever during one of the Perpetual Groove sets.

“One thing about AURA that, I think, differs from other festivals is the art program and how much we value our live artists,” Troy said. “People go to this festival for the experience and the art is a big part of that.”



The Postal Service reunites, tour begins soon


While sending messages by mail has become an outdated version of communication, The Postal Service is back after a 10-year hiatus.

While the band hasn’t released a full-blown tour, on Monday, they announced 12 shows they will be performing. Most of them will be held on the West Coast, with the exception of New York City and four European concerts.

In mid-January, the band posted a graphic on their website that read, “The Postal Service 2013,” which created huge fan speculation that there would be a new album, they would be going on tour or both. It turns out that these predictions are semi-right.

Some of the dates include both weekends of Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in Indio, Calif., andPrimavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.

And while there hasn’t been anything said about a new album, The Postal Service will be reissuing a deluxe edition of their only album, “Give Up,” on April 9. It will be available on two CDs or three LPs and it features the 10 original album songs and 15 bonus songs, including two brand new ones.

Sub Pop, the record label that released “Give Up” in 2003, has confirmed the release dates for the 10th anniversary album.

“I can’t believe the opportunity to see The Postal Service has finally been given to me. I was planning on going to Coachella anyway, but now I’m going for sure,” said Jake Pierce, a junior in public relations. “I’ve been following this band for a long time, and I’m excited to see what a live Postal Service performance will be like.”

The Postal Service is an electro indie duo that gained popularity with the release of their debut album “Give Up.” The group began when Ben Gibbard (from Death Cab For Cutie) provided the vocals for a song by Dntel, or Jimmy Tamborello. “(This Is) The Dream of Evan and Chan,” was so well received that the two decided to collaborate further. Thus, The Postal Service.

The group got its name through its production style. Tamborello created the instrumentals and sent the unfinished versions to Gibbard via snail mail. Gibbard would add the lyrics and edit the songs as he saw fit and then send them back to Tamborello.

“What is there to not like about The Postal Service?” Alex Silva, owner of a Gainesville-based music blog, said. “They are able to give us a totally different and unique kind of sound. Between the combination of the well-thought-out lyrics and the relaxing, down tempo beats, I feel that they created a new perspective for electronic music.”

The Postal Service tour dates:

April 9 – Reno, NV @ Grand Sierra Theatre

April 10 – Davis, CA @ Mondavi Center

April 13 – Indio, CA @ Coachella

April 12 – San Luis Obispo, CA @ Madonna Expo Center

April 18 – Phoenix, AZ @ Comerica Theatre

April 19 – Las Vegas, NV @ Chelsea Ballroom at the Cosmopolitan

April 20 – Indio, CA @ Coachella

May 18 – Manchester, UK @ Academy 2

May 20 – London, UK @ Brixton Academy

May 21 – Paris, FR @ Trianon

May 23 – Barcelona, SP @ Primavera Soundwave

June 14 – New York, NY @ Barclays