GRiZ performs only Florida show in Gainesville on Jan. 20th


Grant Kwiecinski has been the driving force behind GRiZ since his first release, End Of The World Party, in 2011. He is the 21-year-old from Detroit that made headlines in 2012 when he teamed up with Gramatik to create a new electro-soul duo called Grizmatik. As GRiZ, Kwiecinski is in control of the computers, controllers and a saxophone. He sometimes features Dan Hacker, aka Muzzy, on guitar and pedals.

Brought to you by The Funk, WRLD ENT, Limitless Entertainment and Parental Advisory, GRiZ will be performing his only Florida show along his current tour in Gainesville on Jan. 20 at The Vault Nightclub. No school the following Monday means that there is no reason to miss this show. Support includes DJ Styles, DJ Pillager and DJ IllTerror. Doors open at 10 p.m. Tickets are $12 online HERE.

GRiZ is a breath of fresh air in the electronic music world. With more and more new music starting to merge and sound like the same thing, GRiZ returns to sample-based techniques with soul, funk and glitchy bass being listed as some of his influences. Do not take some of his dubstep-like sounds to mean he is a dubstep artist. Jazz seems to be a major drive in the music-making process for Kwiecinski. GRiZ continues to amaze people who have never seen him live before, like myself, as he travels North America.

“What I do have is an endless imagination of the future/now, unrelenting will, constant fascination, and a heart that has no capacity to stop loving and trying,” Kwiecinski wrote on his website.

Check out his latest album, Mad Liberation, and download it for free at

via Bionic Beatlab


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