Miley Cyrus and Borgore Push Dubstep into Mainstream


Who knew Miley Cyrus liked dubstep?

When dubstep producer and DJ Borgore came out with his song “Decisions” featuring Miley Cyrus, he did more than just release another hit. He launched dubstep, and electronic music, into the spotlight once again.

The duo released a music video that made almost all of the entertainment headlines earlier this month.

In recent years, electronic dance music, or EDM, has gained a reputation for being a drug-fueled genre filled with strange sounds, skimpy outfits and sensuous dance moves. However, this is only one perspective of the music that comes out this unique category.

Borgore only perpetuates the generalizations of EDM by transforming what used to be a little girl’s icon into more of a modern-day sex symbol. While Cyrus’ decision to team up with Borgore is unclear, the music video features her making out with a unicorn, getting into a cake fight with the DJ and some serious raging at a secret party in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel with porn star Jessie Andrews.

While the song is nothing special in terms of a popular dubstep production, it brings in the vocals of the famous starlet, allowing the distinct genre lines of pop and dubstep to blur.

Dubstep has been brought to the attention of many Americans, including the commercial mainstream. While the actions and words of certain DJs create the face of electronic music for most people, smaller, unknown and different artists get consumed within this group, when in reality they don’t be

Bill Brewster of The Guardian said that some of these EDM artists have taken the role of a rock star rather than a DJ.

“EDM has effectively bypassed the club culture on which house and techno were founded and gone straight for the stadiums and festival jugular,” Brewster writes.

The explosion of EDM in the United States is slightly comparable to Beatle Mania as thousands upon thousands of more people continue to pack clubs, stadiums and fields to capacity to see names like Skrillex, Bassnectar, Rusko, plus many more.

Borgore and Cyrus had their cake and ate it too. The official video posted on YouTube by Borgore on Nov. 1 already has over 3 million hits. Whether you want it to or not, dubstep has infiltrated the mainstream and there’s no telling how long it will stick around for.


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