“Adventure Time” takes off on YouTube


One of the most notable elements of the show “Adventure Time” is not the flying rainbow-unicorn or the extremely vivid imaginary world, but the theme song and the other music featured. YouTube has been the epicenter of remakes, remixes and covers galore for all of the songs featured on the show.

“Adventure Time” is a TV series on Cartoon Network that is set in the post-apocalyptic Land of Ooo. It features Finn, a 14-year-old, and his best friend, Jake, a dog with magical powers. The episodes are based around the premise of the duo setting out on epic adventures.

Here’s the show’s opening song:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=113yv-Kdy7I

Rebecca Sugar is only one of the writers for the music that appears on the show, but it’s her songs that seem to be the ones that are being redone on the Internet.

The show touches on many philosophical ideas and emotions that are accurately conveyed through the music. The simplicity of the harmonies and poetry-like lyrics, paired with one or two instruments, makes for the perfect opportunity for anyone to do his or her own version of any of the shows numerous songs.

And remake they do. “Adventure Time” has gained a cult following since its inception, but more so with the amount of covers that have been posted on YouTube. Electronic, metal, rock, indie and folk — people around the country have given the world their take of the soundtrack of “Adventure Time.”

Because the songs are made for a show, they are relatively short which prompts these YouTube musicians to come up with entirely new verses and sometimes a completely new song.

The most common form of translation seems to be with the ukulele or guitar, instruments that don’t need much more than vocals to accompany it. But this piano cover seems to stand out.

Here are some other examples:

• Original “Bacon Pancakes”; Cover “Bacon Pancakes

• Original “All Gummed Up Inside”; Cover “All Gummed Up Inside

• Original “I’m Just Your Problem”; Cover “I’m Just Your Problem

• Original “My Best Friends In The World”; Cover “My Best Friends In The World

• Or this completely fan-made song and scene inspired by the Fionna and Cake episode

Whether it be quality music or not, people have decided to broadcast their love for the “Adventure Time” over the Internet. From screeching teenagers with broken voices to people with legitimate singing and instrumental skills, its songs have become a YouTube sensation.




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