EOTO Brings A Rare Live Electronic Show to Gainesville


EOTO came to Gainesville Friday to showcase its legendary musical performances and “Lotus Experience” visual display. Upon walking into The Florida Theatre downtown, the band’s 3-D lotus flower stage display overtook the venue, towering to the ceiling.

The anticipation and crowd built as everyone waited for EOTO to take the stage. The duo is made up of members of the band The String Cheese Incident, Michael Travis and Jason Hann.

Throughout the night, the two merged jazz, rock, jam-based dubstep, experimental and electronic music to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience paired with a superior visual experience.

What makes EOTO’s performance so special is that every single show is improvised. There may be a set list to provide unity and cohesiveness, but no two performances are ever exactly the same.

Live guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals and a handful of touch-screen synthesizers and MIDI Controllers emitted flowing rhythms and sweet electronic melodies. However, compared to the sets I’ve seen at music festivals, the Gainesville show wasn’t as mysterious or hyped up.

While I enjoyed this show because of it’s versatility and the overall aesthetic, I was hoping to hear more of the dark and intense side of EOTO. Nevertheless, they put on a performance that rivals many live electronic shows that have come to Gainesville. Rarely do you get to see such raw talent associated with a genre known to be just about turning knobs.

The crowd was filled with what seemed to be true, hardcore EOTO fans; something that always makes a show better. There were a variety of different people: young, old, fraternity brothers, rave girls with LED hula-hoops, business owners, punk kids.

The event’s Facebook page claimed that the duo would be playing two one and a half hour sets. However, this turned out to be one set that ended up being just less than two hours. Whatever amount of time they played, it was worth it.




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