Beats Antique is coming to Gainesville Oct. 11


In the world of electronic music, live performances have become a dying species. It is even more rare to find live electronic music influenced by different types of sounds from around the world. However, one band stands out when it comes to meshing different cultures and music.

Brought to you by Glory Days Presents, Beats Antique will perform in Gainesville on Oct. 11 at The Florida Theatre as part of its fall 2012 tour, “Animale Mechanique.” Advance tickets are $18 online at, Hear Again Music And Movies! and High Tides Tobacco & Gifts. Tickets bought at the door are $20.

Formed in 2007, David Satori, Tommy Cappel and Zoe Jakes are the members of the group. Satori and Cappel traveled to many different parts of Africa and other continents after both were classically trained in music. Satori went to the California Institute of Art, and Cappel went to the Berklee College of Music. Jakes provides a major cultural influence because she has been a part of many prominent dance companies that have led her to master multiple forms of dance and become one of the important dance figures in the modern dance scene.

While each one of them brings something different to the group, they all have contributed to make Beats Antique a fusion of old and new. Combining Middle Eastern music, hip-hop, jazz, afrobeat, various forms of electronic and so much more, Beats Antique has the ability to move one’s soul and body. Their music is able to paint of vivid picture in one’s mind.

The sweet melodic harmonies of “experimental world fusion music,” as their website calls it, coincides with Jakes theatrics to form a wonderfully thought-out performance. As a contributing producer, Jakes lays out the music to sync with her dance styles. Between the three of them, they exhibit their musical talent on a variety of instruments: guitar, drums, violin, banjo, cymbals and among others.

Since their debut album, “Tribal Derivations,” Beats Antique has released a total of four albums and various EPs. Their latest release is a continuation from a previously released EP to round out the collection. “Contraption Vol. 2” was released on Sept. 18. The eight songs featured on the EP merges acoustic and electronic until the two almost become the same.

They are known to give away free tracks and, sometimes, full albums of their music. For example, in promotion for their new album, they released a single, “Skeleton Key,” as a free download. In this mid-tempo track, you can definitely hear a strong electronic and dubstep influence. However, the violins bring back the distinct sound that the group is known for. It is still available for download HERE.

Or you can sample it on YouTube:


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