Hello world!


This blog is here for a purpose. Not only am I making this blog for a class grade, but it means something bigger than that. It is a testimony to the fact that media, whatever outlet it may be, is primarily online now. I’ve been told that in order to succeed in the world of journalism, I must have my own personal and professional website, blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc. But why? How does this relate to getting people information in a timely and accurately fashion? It means everything. Not only do news corporations get more hits on their websites than readers or viewers, but almost everybody gets their information online, whether it be from a reputable news source or a no-name blog. Perception is now what people judge you on. If you look reputable, maybe people will think you are reputable, no questions asked. “Throughout this class, I want you to think about how you are being perceived,” said Steve Johnson in class today.

In my opinion, to make it in the journalism world, you not only need professional websites, but you need a look that will catch people’s eyes and mesmerize them to stay on your page and read more. This is where the world of visual journalism comes into play. Creating a brand for ones self has proven effective when it comes to getting your name out there and that is the underlying motive of this blog.

The brand that I will create throughout this semester (and furthermore) will serve to give me the chance to stand out from others in the media world. Yes, this is a hard task, but isn’t that the point of this assignment? Prospective employers should be able to take one look at my business card and/or website and totally be amazed at how far a certain look or aesthetic can actually take a student. And, they should want to ask me, “How did someone this young learn to brand themselves this well?” My polite response will be, “Steve Johnson’s Visual Journalism class.”

My brand is going to primarily be used to promote myself. It will be used to showcase my writing, photos I take on the side and interesting stories and writing I find elsewhere. Since, I am mostly involved in writing about music, I want the main page of this blog to be focused on music, particularly events, past and future. To branch out my focus to things other than music, I also want to include different sections on my blog. I plan on making a specialized logo for each different section that pertains to that category. For example, I would like to create a sections on art, environment, culture and entertainment.

So, how does branding make someone a better journalist? Well, as we discussed in class, the psychology behind semiotics is apart of everyday life. We look at and interpret signs everywhere. So if I’m going to be advertising myself as an employable, young lady, shouldn’t I have some sort of sign or system that identifies who I am? As hard as branding yourself is, it’s all about who you are and what makes you unique and communicating that to everyone who comes across your business card or website.

As I conclude, it is important to remember why anyone makes a brand. To become recognizable. To get your name out. To get a job after graduation.



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