Lights Out Festival: Renegades of Funk


Hailing from South Florida, the Renegades of Funk have become a staple to the Miami electronic music scene. From Club Space to Nocturnal to the Clevelander on the Beach, these guys know what kind of music Miami likes and wants. So, why would it be a surprise that they’re included on the line-up for the first annual Lights Out Festival in Miami? They have come to dominate the spot of opening for major names that come through Miami and other popular South Florida venues.

The Renegades of Funk is a duo made up of O’Ryan Coslett and Joshua Funk. Their Facebook claims that they have the ears for good music, which is proven through their original productions and remixes, but they like to party hard like anyone else from or living in Florida, especially the south. This “let’s rage” attitude works so well with their heavy, wobble bass sound as they combine some electro house to balance it out. Because they’re energy is so strong and passionate, they are able to convey and pass it on to the crowd, creating an explosive mass of raging, young EDM heads.

Not only has this prominent pair gained popularity through the South Florida scene, but they have so elsewhere around Florida due to their appearances at big festivals, such as Electric Daisy Carnival, Identity Festival and Sunset Music Festival. Their devoted affection to their fans and followers sets these two young men apart. Playing on the regular, these Renegades are featured at events all over South Florida. Don’t forget to see them at Lights Out this July 21st! There’s only two weeks left and ticket prices are still $35. Don’t miss out on this mid-summer festival; you’ll regret it in the long run.


via Bionic Beatlab


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