5 tips to keep in mind for Camp Bisco


There’s just one more short week until the start of Camp Bisco 11. There is so much to do in so little time. Do you have your ride straightened out? What about camping gear? Food? Alcohol? As a first time camper last year, I found that reading up on other’s past experiences helped out a lot. For example, it rains every year at Camp, and by rain, I mean torrential downpours. Here are a few tips for those experiencing Camp Bisco for the first time.

1. Don’t be the asshole with the umbrella.

Yes, it’s going to rain. It’s going to rain extremely hard. But this is a rain or shine event and the music doesn’t stop for Mother Nature. So suck it up and buy a poncho. Last year, at the start of the outrageous thunderstorm during Shpongle, everyone whipped out their umbrellas preventing me from seeing half of what was on stage. I’m not saying everyone is going to follow this tip, but you probably should to avoid getting the stink eye from the person directly behind you.

2. Don’t bring glass containers.

As we got closer to the front of the line of the main entrance, we started noticing people chugging their water, alcohol, orange juice, fruit punch, etc. Why you ask? To save their alcohol that was packaged in glass. No glass containers are allowed into the Indian Lookout Country Club so you will have to resort to desperate measures to keep from dumping all the good stuff out. With that said, make sure all of your alcohol is in plastic containers to avoid throwing it all away.

3. Bring extra… everything.

From socks to clothes to cash to cigarettes, you do not want to be stuck short of anything. There is a general store that will have everything you need that you may have forgotten, but prices are pretty hefty. However, this store is a perfect place to get ice. I suggest bringing more socks and cash than you think you will need; you could go barefoot if you’re into that and the fee at the ATM is kind of ridiculous. Under the “Info” section on their website, Bisco has a list of things that you will and will not need for this experience. Follow this list without hesitation.

4. Pace yourself.

As soon as you pass through the main gates, all you’ll want to do is start partying and listening to awesome live music. However, this is a three-day event and you wouldn’t want to get ahead of yourself, now would you? You also don’t want to be the one passed out in the tent while your favorite artists are playing. Or the one who spent all their money in the first day. This isn’t a race to see who can get the most fucked up. It’s an experience worth remembering.

5. Catch as much of The Disco Biscuits as you can.

The Disco Biscuits started this festival in 1999. With select dates in 2012, they have become a hard act to see in this eventful year of music. Still, they remain one of the most diverse bands I’ve seen to date. Because they play six sets at Camp Bisco, they make sure that each is different and unique to any of their other sets. Last year, they were praised for doing a pyramid set, in which they played the first, second, third and fourth song, then inverted the set and played the third, second and first song again. Completely genius and totally linear. They have a cult following, popularly known as Biscuit Heads, that is a peculiar group that is fun-loving and free-spirited. With such diverse skills, you’re going to want to see these guys in action for yourself, so try to catch as much as you can so you are able to compare their assorted sounds.

Get hyped, pumped, excited and giddy! Camp Bisco 2012 is almost here!

via Bionic Beatlab

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