Who should you see at Lights Out Festival?


Lights Out Festival premieres in about one month. With newly added artists, it may be hard to decide who to see at this one day event. Electro? Dubstep? Chill instrumental? Choices, choices, choices. Here’s my recommendation of the top five musicians you should not miss on July 21st.


This is most definitely one of the opening acts that will start your day off right. The soothing sounds of RJD2 will put you in the perfect mood to start raging harder and harder as the festival progresses. Known for mixing on turntables and producing prominent hip-hop artists, RJD2 is heavily instrumental based. He uses bluesy vocal samples to complement these instrumentals. He has been around since the early nineties and yet, you still find young adults like myself emerging themselves into his beautiful symphonies of music. Good music lasts forever.


For those of you looking to start the day off on a faster and louder note, Run DMT might be for you. These guys have already made a name and following for themselves in the short year and a half of their conception. If you’ve been to a concert or festival recently, you might’ve noticed some dub heads with Run DMT shirts. Not to be undermined, Run DMT is one of the few dubstep groups that I like. The way that they arrange their hard-hitting beats to encapsulate you is ridiculous.

Lucky Date

Only 20-years-old and hailing from San Francisco, Lucky Date is another up and comer in the EDM world. Producing everything from progressive to dutch to dubstep to tech house and releasing an aggressive electro style in his own tracks, this artist has so much to offer.

I had thought that this deep, grungy and heavily synthesized style of electro had been taken over by more mainstream, emerging genres and disappeared. He’s signed to Lazy Rich’s label, Big Fish Recording. Thank you Lucky Date for restoring my faith in new age DJs.

Felix Cartal

One of the first electronic artists that I started listening to religiously was Felix Cartal. His remix of “Piano Lessons” by Colin Munroe was what got me hooked. After seeing him more than just multiple times, I’ve decided that he is one of the better musicians out there. He recently released his second album, Different Faces, in which he experiments with pop music and vocals, and does so quite pleasantly. Felix Cartal displays such a talent for DJing and making music. This is one set that should be on everyones list, especially if you haven’t had the chance to see him yet.
Felix Da Housecat is a legend. He started making music at the ripe age of 15. He first became popular in Europe, as Europe has always been ahead of the United States when it comes to music. However, he gained fame in the States after winning ‘Best Album’ at the late Muzik Awards. Felix Da Housecat has worked with artists from the likes of Tommie Sunshine to P. Diddy. He is known for his early influence on progressive and tech house and for his electroclash sound. If you should trust anyone with performing an amazing set at Lights Out, this would be the guy.

via Bionic Beatlab


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