Project Bass Tour featuring Dillon Francis

When a new artist comes onto the scene, my first thought is to be weary. So many new DJs just aren’t that great and, right off the bat, a good ear can tell when someone has talent or not. Dillon Francis climbed to the top of the EDM scene at such a fast pace, some people thought he was there all along. Dirty Disco Concert Series is proud to bring you Party Degree‘s Project Bass Tour featuring Dillon Francis. The tour will take place throughout Florida, but the Gainesville show is on July 6th at The Vault. Tickets start at $15. If you haven’t yet heard of this artist, you have much to catch up on.
Dillon Francis is one of the fastest-rising stars in electronic music. He was the one that made moobahton a new, popular and bearable emerging genre. From Los Angeles, Francis made his way to Atlanta to intern for Cory Enemy. This is where he gained his passion for DJing, his insight into music production and his connections in the EDM world. Since the beginning of his career as an artist, Francis has been able to shake up electronic music in a way that no one else has done before. After sending “Masta Blasta” to Switch of Major Lazer, who then passed it on to Diplo, his life path took on a whole new direction.
With Diplo’s connections and the magic of the social media world, Francis was able to get his songs to Skrillex, who started playing them in his sets. However, Francis is what could be called an open-format electronic DJ. There are no genre lines for him; music is music. He is known for mixing his sets from moobahton to dubstep to electro to electro pop. The crazy thing about it is that he does it so well and caters to everyone by combining so many different sounds from so many different types of music.


Whether it be his unhealthy obsession with cats, his crazy antics on his social media websites or his comedic photo shoots, Dillon Francis is a character. Take one look at his Tumblr or his Facebook page and you can already tell what kind of personality and sense of humor he has. To get a better insight about how down to earth and cool Dillon Francis really is, check out this recent interview done with the website Complex.

After only a short year and a half since his start to fame, Dillon Francis has released enough music to fill a whole career. The most current of these releases is “Money Makin’,” which was made with A-Trak and currently is my new favorite song. There is a huge variety of sound and genres in his discography, so don’t be afraid to get lost in his music!


via Bionic Beatlab


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