Camp Bisco Countdown: Daedelus


“Unique” is a very strong word that is often used in the wrong context. It is a word thrown around by writers to describe something rare and exquisite. It’s true meaning is something that has no like or equal; unparalleled. However, here I use the word in it’s epitome: Daedelus is unique. His sound is something I’ve never heard anyone replicate, making it incomparable. Yes, he falls quite close to the genre of Flying Lotus, Samiyam and others, but Daedelus manages to make his music his own; unique to anything and everything.

As you can tell, summer and graduation has taken over the minds of many, including the crew. To get back to the music, we will dive into the depths of Daedelus. Not many know about this musical wonder, but he has completed a long list of accomplishments worthy of notice and attention. To begin, he has studied jazz at the USC Thorton School of Music and is formally trained in double bass and bass clarinet, while still having talents in other instruments as well. His knowledge of music is evident in the work he produces and presents.

Originally born Alfred Weisberg-Roberts but better known as Alfred Darlington, Daedelus started releasing music in 2001. His debut album didn’t come until the next year and for the next four years thereafter, he released four full-length albums; one every year. Throughout this time, he also worked on numerous side projects, including a stint with producing on Ninja Tune. But Daedelus has not only released music through Ninja Tune.

There is a long list of recording labels he has worked with, including but not limited to Brainfeeder, Warp Records and Stones Throw. Working with different labels has allowed him to release different aspects of his music. He said in an interview with Melophobe in March of 2011, “Every label is a chance to express a certain dimension of something, and Ninja Tune works well because I’m able to express this side of things. They wouldn’t be so keen on me expressing maybe some other sounds that I have.”

Daedelus is also known for being the first musician to use Monome, a family of interface devices for computers. Monomes are made in extremely small quantities and are hard to obtain, considering the waiting list.

“When I saw it, it was like… It made every bit of sense. I’d been wrestling with sample-based music, trying almost every conceivable way of approaching taking a sample and playing it like an instrument, or trying to. And always you’re dealing with these restrictions, and coming from a live music background you don’t want to have restrictions, you want to have freedom,” Daedelus said about how the device works for him. Other prominent musicians that use Monome are Deadmau5, Madeon, Flying Lotus and Imogen Heap, just to name a few. Check out him displaying his skills with the Monome in the video below.

Daedelus has a side project with his wife, Laura Darlington, whose voice may sound familiar due to the fact that she has been featured on mulitiple Flying Lotus and Daedelus albums. The collaboration is called The Long Lost. This duo has created music just as interesting as Daedelus being a solo artist.

Daedelus has released 11 solo albums since the start of his career, the latest being Bespoke, which was released in 2011. He is a founding DJ of the internet radio station Dublab. His style can be described as baroque electronica, meaning his music is classical and ornate with a modern electronic twist. He uses older samples of music to assert this style.

Daedelus will be appearing in the United States four times this summer. Once at Wakarusa (May 31st- June 3rd), then in Los Angeles on June 1st, next at Camp Bisco on July 12-14th, and finally at The Forecastle Festival (July 13th- 15th).



via Bionic Beatlab