Camp Bisco Countdown: Bonobo


Some consider it electronica; some may consider it psychedelic new wave instrumental; some may say it’s psychedelic experimental tribal music. Bonobo is a soulful musician whose songs on YouTube have reached over 1 million hits. Originally Simon Green, Bonobo started his career as a British musician, producer and DJ in 1999 with the song “Terrapin.” He has recorded and performed under the alias “Barakas” as well. His debut album, Animal Magic, was released on Tru Thoughts.

After his second album, Dial ‘M’ for Monkey, great success came with his third, Days To Come. This album gained Bonobo great media accomplishments. More recently, Black Sands and Black Sands Remixed (released on Ninja Tune), have amplified Bonobo’s career. Bonobo has played live sets with a full band including guitarist, singer, keyboardist, drummer, saxophone, string section and electronics. Bonobo mostly plays bass guitar and leads the band from the center.

Campers at Bisco will be able to see Bonobo play a DJ set, more common for the musician, at the 11th annual festival. He is known for his tranquilizing and ear-catching tunes that may lead one into a state of relaxation. Do not expect those hard-hitting beats that make your whole body shake. Instead, this artist shakes your soul with the music he has to offer.
Bonobo is very musically oriented. In Days To Come, he brings in the soothe lyrics of Bajka to compliment his very unique style. Her work on this album had also been seen as what separates Bonobo from his previous work. In this album, you can also see Bonobo’s jazz influence along with his downtempo style.
Bonobo’s productions should not be put off as background music. It is worth the listen and the time. It is coincidentally similar to Boards of Canada and Four Tet. There are many interesting and diverse artists attending Camp Bisco. However, Bonobo stands out as one of the more prominently appealing musicians of the festival. Who knows when you’ll be able to see this artist again? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those of you attending Camp Bisco should not miss out on this show!


For a preview of his music, Bonobo a released mix tape for Solid Steel Presents: “It Came From The Sea”, in which Bonobo presents his utmost DJing skills. You can find it, HERE, on Grooveshark.


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