The BEATS may be ANTIQUE, but this music will never get old


Beats Antique started in San Francisco. They are a trio of very talented musicians that have come together to fuse culture and twist minds. Tomorrow, Beats Antique will perform their only Florida show in Tallahasse at The Moon. Tickets are not sold out yet, but they will be soon. Tickets are online at The Moon’s online box office, HERE.

David Satori, Tom Cappel and Zoe Jakes are the members of the group. Satori and Cappel traveled to many different parts of Africa and other continents after they both were classically trained and used their musical experiences to guide them. Jakes provides a major cultural influence. She has been apart of many prominent dance companies that has led her to be one of the more important dance figures in modern times.

Musically, Beats Antique is sweetness to the ears. There is a heavy hip-hop and old-school jazz influence that serenades you. Sometimes they provide restless pop hooks and Eastern European dance loops. Somehow, they manage to bring in heavy beats and sub bass. Their exquisite execution of combining all of these marks it as Beats Antique’s very own sound.
On top of all this, you can hear a Middle-Eastern influence. And to top off the cake, they have included a very ear-catching electronic sound. To cover all of the different aspects and genres that make up Beats Antique, their performances usually consist of multiple live instruments.
Even though Satori and Jakes have known each other since 2000, it wasn’t until Cappel moved to San Francisco that Beats Antique formed in the year of 2007 with the help from Jakes’ manager. They recored their first album, Tribal Derivations, on CIA Records. This debut was a concept album meant to compliment Jakes’ dance styles. Since, the group has released six albums, including an EP.
If you haven’t heard of Beats Antique already, it is highly suggested. Their live performances are phenomenal and enticing. Get your tickets now for the Florida show before they sell out!
via Bionic Beatlab

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