Camp Bisco Countdown: Paul Chambers


Since the early nineties, Paul Chambers has been apart of the electronic music scene. When Soulwax discovered this underground artist, they recruited him to be their opening act on a world tour. Paul Chambers has maintained a very private and low profile, making him someone I’ve been following since the beginning of 2010. With support from the likes of Soulwax, 2MANYDJs, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Mr. Oizo, The Chemical Brothers (plus many more) and furnished with originals like “Singapore Swing” and “Snowing in Moscow,” Paul Chambers is a name all festival goers should look out for this summer festival season.

He was blasted into the spotlight when 2MANYDJs incorporated his song “Yeah, Techno!” into their Soulwaxmas performance in 2009. No one had heard the song before and it instantly became a classic, along with this video.

Paul Chambers is one of those artists that started off without the luxury of the Internet, thus he had to go through hundreds and hundreds of vinyls and mix-tapes to find the sound he was looking for.
In an interview from DSCOTECH in 2010, he said that in the early nineties he was, “…on the lookout for Chicago sound tracks. My DJ style at the time was pretty fast and bleepy, and I never had the patience to leave on a record for longer than a minute so I was really working hard behind the decks.” He performs both live and DJ sets, saying that live sets are more unique, but more work, and that a good mixture of both is the perfect combination.
All of his songs and remixes are thorough and diverse. When I first heard his music, I was impressed. Techno is evolving. You can tell through new artists like Gesaffelstein or Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize’s new Super Acid EP that bears a similar sound.
Whether it be techno, electro house, tech house or nu disco, Paul Chambers knows how to master all genres. He has released a good amount, but not a lot, of music. To me, this shows that Paul Chambers is very selective about what he does release.
In a more recent interview with Heavy Mosh in February of this year, he said, “In my opinion, you first find out what you want to do and be happy with it and only then release something, not make music just to release it, but make music for yourself.”
Luckily for all Camp Bisco participants, you will have the opportunity to see this one of a kind and genuine artist at this year’s 11th annual festival. And to be quite honest, this is one show I wouldn’t miss.

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