A little help from the doctor


Allen Aucoin, known as Dr. Fameus to some, but probably better known as the drummer of The Disco Biscuits, did a small sound check before starting his set. Twisting and turning knobs, hitting a drum and a symbol once or twice, the Doctor had arrived.

Once you’ve been to Camp Bisco, you get to see an array of different sets from The Disco Biscuits. They’ll do a hardcore, intense rock set, then a psychedelic rock set, so on and so forth. To be able to play diverse ranges of music, all the musicians in the group must be outstanding and notable artists. And this is no exception when it comes to their drummer.

Dr. Fameus played an interesting and one of a kind show. Within the first hour, his shirt was already covered with sweat as he continuously played the drums for about two hours straight. As he played live percussion, it seemed as if he had prerecorded the rest of the instruments so he could concentrate on the intense energy required for live drums in electronic music. For how simple his setup was, the music being produced was quite intricate. The continuity of the drums seemed like the guy’s speciality, enhancing the experience.

The drums were the heart and soul of the show, but I had to wonder, what samples is he using while he’s playing? Did he make them or was it someone else? Has he considered doing a live show, outside of The Disco Biscuits, where the main influence is the percussion?

As electronic music becomes more and more popular, artists are blurring genre lines to create new and lively sounds. Was this psychedelic rock or drum ‘n’ bass? Is this what the older generations consider dubstep (before the womping)? My ears forced me to stay and hear more, even though his set was dark, bold and forceful.

As he became more comfortable as time passed, the music seemed to intensify. He played his song, “Dahlia” featuring Mike Desmond. It was one of the only times where I felt comfortable hearing a deep, almost dubstep bass with a reggae twist.

The crowd was small, making the environment that much more intimate. Not many people wanted their picture taken, but they did do a lot of dancing and drinking. Overall, I had a good night filled with good company, and almost even better music. It’s important to check out different live shows that you otherwise may not see yourself at.
via Bionic Beatlab

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