Portugal. The Man and The Polish Ambassador come to Gainesville


Get ready Gainesville! There are two phenomenal acts coming your way this April 10th and 11th. Brought to you by Glory Days Presents, Portugal. The Man and The Polish Ambassador will be showcasing their talents in downtown Gainesville.

Portugal. The Man will be held on Tuesday at The Florida Theatre. Openers include The Lonely Forest and Mikei & Co. Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. Tickets in advanced are $17 and can be found HERE or locally at Hear Again Music. Tickets the day of the event will be $20. There will be a $2 surcharge for those under the age of 21.

Currently on the “RemixUrFace” Spring 2012 Tour, The Polish Ambassador will be playing on Wednesday at Double Down. Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show will begin at 9 p,m. Machines are People Too is also featured on this tour and local Parker Robinson with MC Masson Rager will be opening. Advanced tickets are $12, found HERE, but can also be bought at High Tides or Hear Again Music with no fees. The day of the event, tickets will be $15. There will be a $2 surcharge for those under the age of 21.

Portugal. The Man is an indie band with three of the members from Alaska and two being from Portland and Salem, Ore. Playing over 800 shows and six career albums under their belts, the on-the-rise band is made up of John Gourley, Zachary Scott Carothers, Jason Sechrist and Ryan Neighbors. Portugal. The Man started as a side project for Gourley after his other band, Anatomy of a Ghost, broke up. Members have come and gone, but one thing remains constant: Portugal. The Man has always stayed true to their unique sound. 

Their debut record, Waiters: “You Vultures!” was released in January of 2006 on Fearless Records. From there, things took off. They traveled on tours with similar bands and started their own label, Approaching AIRballoons, which they self-released the EP, It’s Complicated Being A Wizard. In June 2007, their second full-length album, Church Mouth, was released and prompted the group for a full U.S. tour, followed by a European tour and then another American tour.

2008 marked the band’s departure from Fearless Records, a tour as main support for RX Bandits, and the release of the album Censored Colors. Gourley was voted AP Magazine’s ‘Best Vocalist of the Year.’ As the time flew by, 2009 brought the band’s major performances at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza and the release of The Satanic Satanists and it’s counterpart The Majestic Majesty.

American Ghetto is Portugal. The Man’s fifth studio album and due to previous leaks, Gourley made sure that there were absolutely no virtual copies of the album until the release date. The band then stated that they would be transferring to Atlantic Records. To set themselves apart, the band started releasing 30 second clips, via their YouTube channel, of their new album, In The Mountain In The Cloud, and playing new songs at festivals like SXSW. Portugal. The Man has released short films as well, like “Sleep Forever,” that was broadcasted on the International Film Channel (IFC).

On April 3, 2012, the band announced via Facebook, that their keyboardist, Ryan Neighbors, would be leaving the band to start his own musical projects.

The psychedelic sound that encompasses Portugal. The Man is so distinctive, yet very unique to them. You can tell that growing up in Alaska has definitely had an influence on the band.  Frontman Gourley has said that some albums have been about his memories and stories from his home state. This band is not your typical rock band. Expect a blast from the past of 1960’s rock twisted with modern day indie rock. Come out to Florida Theatre this Tuesday!

Across the European continent, we jump from Portugal to Poland. Bionic Beatlab has already covered some Polish Ambassador shows, so if you would like some more information on this crazy guy, check out this post by Ex Mens and this post, done a while ago, by Silva’s Goldto catch up on your history. 

In more recent news, The Polish Ambassador aka Ample Mammal aka David Sugalski, has released his entire discography, for free via his website, that includes seven whole albums, with 30+ remixes that totals up to over seven hours of music. All he asks in return is that you post the link on your Facebook wall. 

The Polish Ambassador has a long list of tour dates as he continues to serenade with his sweet musical genius-ness. His music is different than most and you can tell that just through the way that he carries himself. This is an electronic show that you don’t want to miss, and thankfully, there are dates well into August. Don’t miss out!


via Bionic Beatlab


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