Camp Bisco Countdown: Gramatik


Gramatik’s philosophy on life: “freeing music by making music free.” I already love the guy. As we continue our countdown to Camp Bisco, we will inform you of the dynamic and diverse artist,  Gramatik.

Gramatik, born Denis Jasarevic, is from the city of Portoroz, Slovenia. He has built a U.S. and European following by signing, earlier in his career, to Some Cutz and Cold Busted Record Label, based in Colorado, and later to Pretty Lights Music in 2011, giving away all of his music for free. It started with his first release, Beatz and Pieces Vol. 1, and since, Gramatik has sold over 100,000 tracks on Beatport, launching his career into the spotlight.

With almost no information on the Internet besides his website, which still gives you limited information about the artist’s past, I dug deep into the dark corners of the World Wide Web, divulging into previous interviews, articles, anything I could find on him.

From the young age of 3, Gramatik has always been interested in music. In an interview with BrainChild Media and The Brain Trust, out of Boston, Mass., he recalls receiving his very first Yamaha synthesizer with a sampler in the late 1980’s. From there, his parents signed him up for piano lessons and he started his first band while only in the fourth grade, doing covers of The Beatles and whatnot.

By the seventh and eighth grade, Gramatik was heavily involved with hip-hop. He said that he realized that most of the samples the artists he was listening to were using jazz, funk, soul and disco samples, some of the main influences you can see in his music today. Even though some see sampling as not making original music, Gramatik sees things differently, emphasizing that he puts his own creative twist and influence into each and every musical production he works on.

Currently on tour with Break Science and Paul Basic, Gramatik can be found jumping all over the United States until April 21st. Here’s a teaser for his new EP “#digitalfreedom,” which was released yesterday, April 3rd, on Pretty Lights Music. It bears a unique message and an interesting aspect from the point of view of an artist:

As you can tell, Gramatik has incorporated more of a dub sound into his musical escapades. Because I’m only a fan of good dubstep and the appropriate use of the “womp” sound, I’m excited to hear the full EP and how Gramatik has decided to employ the use of heavier bass lines, more dub-based sounds and so forth. Check out the tour dates below and keep your eye out for Gramatik, Break Science and Paul Basic in a town near you.


via Bionic Beatlab


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