Glory Days Presents: Coheed and Cambria


Do you remember those summer nights when you were young and the biggest problem on your mind was hitting puberty? I sure do. The soundtrack of my life, in that day and age, seemed to revolve around indie and rock bands. Coheed and Cambria was one of the bands that I discovered in middle school and have since forgotten about.

But that’s all about to change. Glory Days Presents… is proud to bring Coheed and Cambria to The Florida Theatre in Gainesville on May 3rd. Tickets are $25 in advance and $28 at the door. Buy them locally at High Tides or Hear Again Music or online HERE. Doors will open at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 8:45 p.m.

Hailing from Nyack, New York, Coheed and Cambria formed in 1995 after previous bands didn’t work out. The band has gone through multiple members but, as of now, it consists of Claudio Sanchez, Travis Stever, Josh Eppard and the newest member, Zach Cooper. They have released five studio albums and each is a concept album based on Sanchez’s science fiction storyline called The Amory Wars. This story has been turned into a full length novel, as well as a comic book series.

For avid followers of the band, Coheed and Cambria have announced that they will be releasing their next album in spring 2012. Sanchez has said that the album will go further into the past of The Amory Wars. Over the years, the band has gained popularity within the rock genre. One review done by Sputnikmusic says, “Coheed and Cambria manage to bring new life to a dying genre, and mix up the standard pop-punk scheme with creative and original riffs.

For as long as I’ve known about this band, I never knew that there were distinct influences and intriguing methods to their madness. They aren’t just a band trying to make it. They intertwine their music with their passion for storytelling, comic books and so forth, making their talent shine through every aspect of their work. They may be rock stars, but I believe their lyrics are what truly makes their music different from others. The Amory Wars is the basis for their lyrics and true emotion is conveyed because of this.

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Camp Bisco Countdown: Bonobo


Some consider it electronica; some may consider it psychedelic new wave instrumental; some may say it’s psychedelic experimental tribal music. Bonobo is a soulful musician whose songs on YouTube have reached over 1 million hits. Originally Simon Green, Bonobo started his career as a British musician, producer and DJ in 1999 with the song “Terrapin.” He has recorded and performed under the alias “Barakas” as well. His debut album, Animal Magic, was released on Tru Thoughts.

After his second album, Dial ‘M’ for Monkey, great success came with his third, Days To Come. This album gained Bonobo great media accomplishments. More recently, Black Sands and Black Sands Remixed (released on Ninja Tune), have amplified Bonobo’s career. Bonobo has played live sets with a full band including guitarist, singer, keyboardist, drummer, saxophone, string section and electronics. Bonobo mostly plays bass guitar and leads the band from the center.

Campers at Bisco will be able to see Bonobo play a DJ set, more common for the musician, at the 11th annual festival. He is known for his tranquilizing and ear-catching tunes that may lead one into a state of relaxation. Do not expect those hard-hitting beats that make your whole body shake. Instead, this artist shakes your soul with the music he has to offer.
Bonobo is very musically oriented. In Days To Come, he brings in the soothe lyrics of Bajka to compliment his very unique style. Her work on this album had also been seen as what separates Bonobo from his previous work. In this album, you can also see Bonobo’s jazz influence along with his downtempo style.
Bonobo’s productions should not be put off as background music. It is worth the listen and the time. It is coincidentally similar to Boards of Canada and Four Tet. There are many interesting and diverse artists attending Camp Bisco. However, Bonobo stands out as one of the more prominently appealing musicians of the festival. Who knows when you’ll be able to see this artist again? This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Those of you attending Camp Bisco should not miss out on this show!


For a preview of his music, Bonobo a released mix tape for Solid Steel Presents: “It Came From The Sea”, in which Bonobo presents his utmost DJing skills. You can find it, HERE, on Grooveshark.

The BEATS may be ANTIQUE, but this music will never get old


Beats Antique started in San Francisco. They are a trio of very talented musicians that have come together to fuse culture and twist minds. Tomorrow, Beats Antique will perform their only Florida show in Tallahasse at The Moon. Tickets are not sold out yet, but they will be soon. Tickets are online at The Moon’s online box office, HERE.

David Satori, Tom Cappel and Zoe Jakes are the members of the group. Satori and Cappel traveled to many different parts of Africa and other continents after they both were classically trained and used their musical experiences to guide them. Jakes provides a major cultural influence. She has been apart of many prominent dance companies that has led her to be one of the more important dance figures in modern times.

Musically, Beats Antique is sweetness to the ears. There is a heavy hip-hop and old-school jazz influence that serenades you. Sometimes they provide restless pop hooks and Eastern European dance loops. Somehow, they manage to bring in heavy beats and sub bass. Their exquisite execution of combining all of these marks it as Beats Antique’s very own sound.
On top of all this, you can hear a Middle-Eastern influence. And to top off the cake, they have included a very ear-catching electronic sound. To cover all of the different aspects and genres that make up Beats Antique, their performances usually consist of multiple live instruments.
Even though Satori and Jakes have known each other since 2000, it wasn’t until Cappel moved to San Francisco that Beats Antique formed in the year of 2007 with the help from Jakes’ manager. They recored their first album, Tribal Derivations, on CIA Records. This debut was a concept album meant to compliment Jakes’ dance styles. Since, the group has released six albums, including an EP.
If you haven’t heard of Beats Antique already, it is highly suggested. Their live performances are phenomenal and enticing. Get your tickets now for the Florida show before they sell out!
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Camp Bisco Countdown: Paul Chambers


Since the early nineties, Paul Chambers has been apart of the electronic music scene. When Soulwax discovered this underground artist, they recruited him to be their opening act on a world tour. Paul Chambers has maintained a very private and low profile, making him someone I’ve been following since the beginning of 2010. With support from the likes of Soulwax, 2MANYDJs, Boys Noize, Erol Alkan, Mr. Oizo, The Chemical Brothers (plus many more) and furnished with originals like “Singapore Swing” and “Snowing in Moscow,” Paul Chambers is a name all festival goers should look out for this summer festival season.

He was blasted into the spotlight when 2MANYDJs incorporated his song “Yeah, Techno!” into their Soulwaxmas performance in 2009. No one had heard the song before and it instantly became a classic, along with this video.

Paul Chambers is one of those artists that started off without the luxury of the Internet, thus he had to go through hundreds and hundreds of vinyls and mix-tapes to find the sound he was looking for.
In an interview from DSCOTECH in 2010, he said that in the early nineties he was, “…on the lookout for Chicago sound tracks. My DJ style at the time was pretty fast and bleepy, and I never had the patience to leave on a record for longer than a minute so I was really working hard behind the decks.” He performs both live and DJ sets, saying that live sets are more unique, but more work, and that a good mixture of both is the perfect combination.
All of his songs and remixes are thorough and diverse. When I first heard his music, I was impressed. Techno is evolving. You can tell through new artists like Gesaffelstein or Erol Alkan, and Boys Noize’s new Super Acid EP that bears a similar sound.
Whether it be techno, electro house, tech house or nu disco, Paul Chambers knows how to master all genres. He has released a good amount, but not a lot, of music. To me, this shows that Paul Chambers is very selective about what he does release.
In a more recent interview with Heavy Mosh in February of this year, he said, “In my opinion, you first find out what you want to do and be happy with it and only then release something, not make music just to release it, but make music for yourself.”
Luckily for all Camp Bisco participants, you will have the opportunity to see this one of a kind and genuine artist at this year’s 11th annual festival. And to be quite honest, this is one show I wouldn’t miss.

A little help from the doctor


Allen Aucoin, known as Dr. Fameus to some, but probably better known as the drummer of The Disco Biscuits, did a small sound check before starting his set. Twisting and turning knobs, hitting a drum and a symbol once or twice, the Doctor had arrived.

Once you’ve been to Camp Bisco, you get to see an array of different sets from The Disco Biscuits. They’ll do a hardcore, intense rock set, then a psychedelic rock set, so on and so forth. To be able to play diverse ranges of music, all the musicians in the group must be outstanding and notable artists. And this is no exception when it comes to their drummer.

Dr. Fameus played an interesting and one of a kind show. Within the first hour, his shirt was already covered with sweat as he continuously played the drums for about two hours straight. As he played live percussion, it seemed as if he had prerecorded the rest of the instruments so he could concentrate on the intense energy required for live drums in electronic music. For how simple his setup was, the music being produced was quite intricate. The continuity of the drums seemed like the guy’s speciality, enhancing the experience.

The drums were the heart and soul of the show, but I had to wonder, what samples is he using while he’s playing? Did he make them or was it someone else? Has he considered doing a live show, outside of The Disco Biscuits, where the main influence is the percussion?

As electronic music becomes more and more popular, artists are blurring genre lines to create new and lively sounds. Was this psychedelic rock or drum ‘n’ bass? Is this what the older generations consider dubstep (before the womping)? My ears forced me to stay and hear more, even though his set was dark, bold and forceful.

As he became more comfortable as time passed, the music seemed to intensify. He played his song, “Dahlia” featuring Mike Desmond. It was one of the only times where I felt comfortable hearing a deep, almost dubstep bass with a reggae twist.

The crowd was small, making the environment that much more intimate. Not many people wanted their picture taken, but they did do a lot of dancing and drinking. Overall, I had a good night filled with good company, and almost even better music. It’s important to check out different live shows that you otherwise may not see yourself at.
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Portugal. The Man and The Polish Ambassador come to Gainesville


Get ready Gainesville! There are two phenomenal acts coming your way this April 10th and 11th. Brought to you by Glory Days Presents, Portugal. The Man and The Polish Ambassador will be showcasing their talents in downtown Gainesville.

Portugal. The Man will be held on Tuesday at The Florida Theatre. Openers include The Lonely Forest and Mikei & Co. Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 8:30 p.m. Tickets in advanced are $17 and can be found HERE or locally at Hear Again Music. Tickets the day of the event will be $20. There will be a $2 surcharge for those under the age of 21.

Currently on the “RemixUrFace” Spring 2012 Tour, The Polish Ambassador will be playing on Wednesday at Double Down. Doors are at 8 p.m. and the show will begin at 9 p,m. Machines are People Too is also featured on this tour and local Parker Robinson with MC Masson Rager will be opening. Advanced tickets are $12, found HERE, but can also be bought at High Tides or Hear Again Music with no fees. The day of the event, tickets will be $15. There will be a $2 surcharge for those under the age of 21.

Portugal. The Man is an indie band with three of the members from Alaska and two being from Portland and Salem, Ore. Playing over 800 shows and six career albums under their belts, the on-the-rise band is made up of John Gourley, Zachary Scott Carothers, Jason Sechrist and Ryan Neighbors. Portugal. The Man started as a side project for Gourley after his other band, Anatomy of a Ghost, broke up. Members have come and gone, but one thing remains constant: Portugal. The Man has always stayed true to their unique sound. 

Their debut record, Waiters: “You Vultures!” was released in January of 2006 on Fearless Records. From there, things took off. They traveled on tours with similar bands and started their own label, Approaching AIRballoons, which they self-released the EP, It’s Complicated Being A Wizard. In June 2007, their second full-length album, Church Mouth, was released and prompted the group for a full U.S. tour, followed by a European tour and then another American tour.

2008 marked the band’s departure from Fearless Records, a tour as main support for RX Bandits, and the release of the album Censored Colors. Gourley was voted AP Magazine’s ‘Best Vocalist of the Year.’ As the time flew by, 2009 brought the band’s major performances at Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza and the release of The Satanic Satanists and it’s counterpart The Majestic Majesty.

American Ghetto is Portugal. The Man’s fifth studio album and due to previous leaks, Gourley made sure that there were absolutely no virtual copies of the album until the release date. The band then stated that they would be transferring to Atlantic Records. To set themselves apart, the band started releasing 30 second clips, via their YouTube channel, of their new album, In The Mountain In The Cloud, and playing new songs at festivals like SXSW. Portugal. The Man has released short films as well, like “Sleep Forever,” that was broadcasted on the International Film Channel (IFC).

On April 3, 2012, the band announced via Facebook, that their keyboardist, Ryan Neighbors, would be leaving the band to start his own musical projects.

The psychedelic sound that encompasses Portugal. The Man is so distinctive, yet very unique to them. You can tell that growing up in Alaska has definitely had an influence on the band.  Frontman Gourley has said that some albums have been about his memories and stories from his home state. This band is not your typical rock band. Expect a blast from the past of 1960’s rock twisted with modern day indie rock. Come out to Florida Theatre this Tuesday!

Across the European continent, we jump from Portugal to Poland. Bionic Beatlab has already covered some Polish Ambassador shows, so if you would like some more information on this crazy guy, check out this post by Ex Mens and this post, done a while ago, by Silva’s Goldto catch up on your history. 

In more recent news, The Polish Ambassador aka Ample Mammal aka David Sugalski, has released his entire discography, for free via his website, that includes seven whole albums, with 30+ remixes that totals up to over seven hours of music. All he asks in return is that you post the link on your Facebook wall. 

The Polish Ambassador has a long list of tour dates as he continues to serenade with his sweet musical genius-ness. His music is different than most and you can tell that just through the way that he carries himself. This is an electronic show that you don’t want to miss, and thankfully, there are dates well into August. Don’t miss out!


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Camp Bisco Countdown: Gramatik


Gramatik’s philosophy on life: “freeing music by making music free.” I already love the guy. As we continue our countdown to Camp Bisco, we will inform you of the dynamic and diverse artist,  Gramatik.

Gramatik, born Denis Jasarevic, is from the city of Portoroz, Slovenia. He has built a U.S. and European following by signing, earlier in his career, to Some Cutz and Cold Busted Record Label, based in Colorado, and later to Pretty Lights Music in 2011, giving away all of his music for free. It started with his first release, Beatz and Pieces Vol. 1, and since, Gramatik has sold over 100,000 tracks on Beatport, launching his career into the spotlight.

With almost no information on the Internet besides his website, which still gives you limited information about the artist’s past, I dug deep into the dark corners of the World Wide Web, divulging into previous interviews, articles, anything I could find on him.

From the young age of 3, Gramatik has always been interested in music. In an interview with BrainChild Media and The Brain Trust, out of Boston, Mass., he recalls receiving his very first Yamaha synthesizer with a sampler in the late 1980’s. From there, his parents signed him up for piano lessons and he started his first band while only in the fourth grade, doing covers of The Beatles and whatnot.

By the seventh and eighth grade, Gramatik was heavily involved with hip-hop. He said that he realized that most of the samples the artists he was listening to were using jazz, funk, soul and disco samples, some of the main influences you can see in his music today. Even though some see sampling as not making original music, Gramatik sees things differently, emphasizing that he puts his own creative twist and influence into each and every musical production he works on.

Currently on tour with Break Science and Paul Basic, Gramatik can be found jumping all over the United States until April 21st. Here’s a teaser for his new EP “#digitalfreedom,” which was released yesterday, April 3rd, on Pretty Lights Music. It bears a unique message and an interesting aspect from the point of view of an artist:

As you can tell, Gramatik has incorporated more of a dub sound into his musical escapades. Because I’m only a fan of good dubstep and the appropriate use of the “womp” sound, I’m excited to hear the full EP and how Gramatik has decided to employ the use of heavier bass lines, more dub-based sounds and so forth. Check out the tour dates below and keep your eye out for Gramatik, Break Science and Paul Basic in a town near you.


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