Debut album, “Like Your Face,” is a hit


Local Gainesville band, J2K, released their debut album, Like Your Face, last week. To celebrate the event, a party was held at Double Down to showcase J2K’s exquisite and unique sound. The 11-track CD was recorded and produced in a basement in Gainesville. Not only does it include one of my personal favorites, “Mountain”, but it also has a crowd favorite, “Spaghetti and Meatballs”.

Arpetrio started the night off on the right note. The Nashville-based band played some originals while also throwing in some hip-hop lyrics and dubstep. I love underground electronica jam bands. I understand that one of the main points of being in a band is to become famous and live the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, but there is something about undiscovered bands and artists that allows true passion to be conveyed through their music.

As Arpetrio wrapped up, there was a sense of anticipation that held in the air as the audience grew in size and waited for the main act. J2K began and soon Double Down was filled with lyrics, drums, bass and guitar.

The music was on point; probably one of the best times I’ve seen the live band.They seemed to be more in sync and excited for the event. There seemed to be a psychic sense that the members had that made the band perform as one unit, instead of being seen as individual instruments.

As the night began to end, J2K invited a special group of fans on stage to sing their most popular and loved song, “Spaghetti and Meatballs.” When the band finished, the crowd erupted in clapping and chants for an encore, in which they performed a brand new song. Such an amazing end to an amazing night!

I was equally impressed with the amount of people that came out to support J2K. It is extremely hard to gain a following, especially in such a small town. Congratulations to the band and good luck in the future!

You can buy the Like Your Face album on iTunes for $10 or in person from the band or Charles Bilsker for $5. Check out the J2K website HERE. Support local music!


via Bionic Beatlab


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