Peace has been reached.


Peacetreaty in Tallahassee was a success! Even though it seemed like everyone was there for Drake. If the new hip-hop star wasn’t there to perform, everybody would’ve jammed out to PeaceTreaty because they played an almost perfect live set.

If you are a fan of PeaceTreaty, you were able to shake the guy’s hands, let them know how much you appreciate their music, and almost turn the knobs on the turntables yourself. It was a very intimate environment until the Drake crowd started to pour in.

The night started off rocky. To avoid lines and document the entirety of the night, I showed up early only to be told that the club wasn’t open thirty minutes after they were supposed to be. With a full line outside, the club was empty inside. Menace Beach started off the night appropriately with some Sex Cult artists, finally throwing the night into the right direction.

Having the desire to see the duo for an extended amount of time, I had high expectations. To my enjoyment, each of those expectations were fulfilled. PeaceTreaty’s set was full of mash-ups that can be found on their Soundcloud.  Deep bass, fast electronic beats and heavy tempos filled the room with such excitement, I could hardly stop dancing.

I was completely flabbergasted that almost no one was in the back room of Lit Nightclub, but I am sure that PeaceTreaty was even more surprised that most of the crowd had chosen to listen to Drake. It is so ironic that people who claim to now love EDM did not once come to see what PeaceTreaty had to offer. In a world where people crave to stand out, the crowd at Lit chose to follow that path of Top 40 Hits.

As the security at the club moved people dancing to PeaceTreaty out of the way so that Drake had a pathway to the back rooms, PeaceTreaty refused to turn off the music. Stick it to the man! Overall, I had a good time in Tallahassee after a long oasis from the city. Menace Beach always is a fun and interesting time. In my opinion, it’s the best party in Tallahassee.

PeaceTreaty still has four more tour dates left in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois and will be back in Miami in two weeks. Check their tour dates HERE.




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