Frankenstein Bros Review


To top off my spring break, I attended The Frankenstein Brothers show at Double Down featuring Buckethead, That 1 Guy and Wollf & Tuba. It was interesting to see the collab play separately and then together; you could tell who brought what influence to the duo. The audience was a mixture of the middle aged and the young, providing an out-of-the-ordinary crowd. Seeing a variety of homemade instruments that I had never seen before was an exhilarating experience, opening up my musical world.

The night started with a very interesting and innovative artist: Wolff & Tuba. Doning a renovated tuba that had a microphone in the mouthpiece, I could feel the floor vibrate underneath my feet. The tuba was somehow hooked up electronically to synths and whatnot, allowing the player to manipulate the sounds. At one point, the music almost resembled heavy metal with an electronic twist. Most of the underlying beats were made by hitting the sides of the tuba with his hands, recording and then looping the sounds.

The tuba provided a deep and dark feeling to the music. It was strange as the artist spoke into the mic, “This song is about diluting yourself…” The proceeding song was filled with incoherent lyrics that almost reminded me of a fast-paced Sigur Ros.

That 1 Guy, Mike Silverman, was up next. As I talked to a friend, he described him as a “rabbi of funk,” which I believe is an accurate description. This was my favorite set of the night. His magic pipe was one of the most mind-boggling instruments I’ve ever seen. So I did some research.

According to That 1 Guy’s website, the magic pipe stands over seven-feet tall and is made up of “a collection of swiveling pipes, metal gears, bass strings and electronic buttons…” with a drum attached. Silverman was able to play his magic pipe with a violin bow, a drum stick, his hands, a playing card and a credit card. The front pipe uses a low C string, while the back pipe is meant to reach more tenor ranged sounds. There are 13 different trigger points that allows him to create a wide range of different sounds, adding to his live performance.

Silverman borrowed concepts from a gutbucket and a diddley bow to create the harp-shaped instrument. He has also crafted other instruments like the Magical Boot, which is a wired boot that is similar to an African talking drum, and a Magical Saw, a saw wired to a main effects box. Silverman is a one-man show even though he has the equipment of a full band. He started at the bottom and made a name for himself and his funk music.

After a short interlude, Buckethead quietly took the stage. Soon thereafter, the silence disappeared into the outside night air. Armed with a white Gibson that has touch sensor buttons wired to a synthesizer and a spoil, Buckethead starts out with his fingers showing off just how fast they can really move. If you’re a guitar enthusiast, Buckethead should definitely be on your bucket list of guitarist to see.

“He’s like a robot,” a spectator soad. It is extremely hard to describe the show that Buckethead played. He was very crowd oriented, playing to their pleasures, stopping the entire show to play heavy 1990’s European techno and acting as Santa Claus with a bag of toys to give to the audience.

With a number of crazy fast and good solos, the man knows how to shred. I had to ask myself, “How does one person make that much sound?”. Thankfully, he understood that there needs to be slow portions of his act because he bombards you with speed and sound. He incorporated slower songs to his heavy set.

 There was a point in his show where he got out a light saber and played the Star Wars theme song with one hand while managing to wave around the saber like a kid mimicking Luke Skywalker. Impressive.
The Frankenstein Brothers was the main act of the night. The collaboration allows for the funk of That 1 Guy to combine with the heaviness of Buckethead, creating a unique and modern sound. Periods of intense Buckethead-influenced music was soothed with Silverman and his pipe. It was a very interesting yet weird combination of music.
Not only did the duo play a variety of original songs, they also did their own versions of the famous pirate tune, twinkle twinkle little star, a song from “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” a song from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and much more. After they played all these, they got into a fit of heavy music. When That 1 Guy couldn’t make up for the bass, Buckethead was there with his guitar.
Overall the night was an experience I will never forget. For being apart of a genre that I feel almost fell apart in the beginning of the 2000’s, they convinced me that rock ‘n roll is still alive and well.







First Gainesville Community Festival to be held on St. Patrick’s Day

This Saturday marks the first Gainesville Community Festival. The idea of bringing the community together through local art, restaurants, clubs, crafts and music was formed through all of the different vendors attending the festival. Richard Dreher, CEO of, and Jordyn Reese, current UF graduate and freelancer for Alternative Revolt Magazine, are in charge of putting this community gathering together.
“The festival is a showcase of the best of Gainesville featuring local businesses, clubs, nonprofits, art, music and food. We wanted to showcase local culture and create an event that connects local business with local residents,” Reese said.
From lions to tigers to — elephants? Gainesville Community Fest is definitely a great way to spend your St. Patrick’s Day. There’s an adult fun zone, rock climbing, elephant rides, food trucks and much more. You will be able to find some sort of activity at this festival that fits your taste and personality, but more importantly, everything is local.
The best part about this festival is that it’s only $6 for students and $7.50 for children and adults ages 13 and up. A portion of these proceeds go to the nonprofit organization Kids Kicking Cancer. Gainesville Community Fest will take place at the Alachua County Fairgrounds (3100 NE 39th Ave, Gainesville, Fl, 32609). For a full list of exhibitors, festival activities and band line up with set times, visit the festival website HERE.
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Frankenstien Bros, Buckethead, That 1 Guy


Glory Days Presents is proud to bring you The Frankenstein Brothers featuring Buckethead and That 1 Guy. The performance will take place at Double Down in Gainesville, Fla.

Tonight is your last chance to get pre-sale tickets at $15. Tickets at the door will be $17 for 21+ and $19 for those under the glorious age of 21. Locally sold tickets, with no service fees, can be found at the Double Down box office, Hear Agan Music or High Tides. Tickets online can be found on Ticketweb HERE.

Gainesville is lucky to have not only solo performances by the two up and coming rock artists, but a collaboration performance as The Frankenstein Brothers as well. Put on your dancing shoes, and maybe a helmet for the mosh pits, because this duo may not be coming back for a minute.
Buckethead is known as one of the best guitarist today. With over 35 studio albums ranging from diverse genres like blues, funk, metal, jazz and ambient, Brian Carroll is almost a musical genius.
Formerly a member of Guns N’ Roses, Carroll has made his way into the musical scenes being known as one of the weirdest and fastest guitarists today. With such a wide range of genres and influences, Buckethead has pushed the forefront of modern rock music, starting his career in 1991 with the release of the song “Brazos” that caught the eye of Jas Obrecht, editor of Guitar Player Magazine. Quickly gaining worldwide recognition and reviews, Buckethead has since made the most of every opportunity granted to him.
The Frankenstein Brothers is a collab between Buckethead and That 1 Guy, who is known for using his magical pipe during live performances. The Frankenstein Bros will be all over Florida through March 15th. Catch one of their tour dates close to you!


Debut album, “Like Your Face,” is a hit


Local Gainesville band, J2K, released their debut album, Like Your Face, last week. To celebrate the event, a party was held at Double Down to showcase J2K’s exquisite and unique sound. The 11-track CD was recorded and produced in a basement in Gainesville. Not only does it include one of my personal favorites, “Mountain”, but it also has a crowd favorite, “Spaghetti and Meatballs”.

Arpetrio started the night off on the right note. The Nashville-based band played some originals while also throwing in some hip-hop lyrics and dubstep. I love underground electronica jam bands. I understand that one of the main points of being in a band is to become famous and live the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle, but there is something about undiscovered bands and artists that allows true passion to be conveyed through their music.

As Arpetrio wrapped up, there was a sense of anticipation that held in the air as the audience grew in size and waited for the main act. J2K began and soon Double Down was filled with lyrics, drums, bass and guitar.

The music was on point; probably one of the best times I’ve seen the live band.They seemed to be more in sync and excited for the event. There seemed to be a psychic sense that the members had that made the band perform as one unit, instead of being seen as individual instruments.

As the night began to end, J2K invited a special group of fans on stage to sing their most popular and loved song, “Spaghetti and Meatballs.” When the band finished, the crowd erupted in clapping and chants for an encore, in which they performed a brand new song. Such an amazing end to an amazing night!

I was equally impressed with the amount of people that came out to support J2K. It is extremely hard to gain a following, especially in such a small town. Congratulations to the band and good luck in the future!

You can buy the Like Your Face album on iTunes for $10 or in person from the band or Charles Bilsker for $5. Check out the J2K website HERE. Support local music!


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Peace has been reached.


Peacetreaty in Tallahassee was a success! Even though it seemed like everyone was there for Drake. If the new hip-hop star wasn’t there to perform, everybody would’ve jammed out to PeaceTreaty because they played an almost perfect live set.

If you are a fan of PeaceTreaty, you were able to shake the guy’s hands, let them know how much you appreciate their music, and almost turn the knobs on the turntables yourself. It was a very intimate environment until the Drake crowd started to pour in.

The night started off rocky. To avoid lines and document the entirety of the night, I showed up early only to be told that the club wasn’t open thirty minutes after they were supposed to be. With a full line outside, the club was empty inside. Menace Beach started off the night appropriately with some Sex Cult artists, finally throwing the night into the right direction.

Having the desire to see the duo for an extended amount of time, I had high expectations. To my enjoyment, each of those expectations were fulfilled. PeaceTreaty’s set was full of mash-ups that can be found on their Soundcloud.  Deep bass, fast electronic beats and heavy tempos filled the room with such excitement, I could hardly stop dancing.

I was completely flabbergasted that almost no one was in the back room of Lit Nightclub, but I am sure that PeaceTreaty was even more surprised that most of the crowd had chosen to listen to Drake. It is so ironic that people who claim to now love EDM did not once come to see what PeaceTreaty had to offer. In a world where people crave to stand out, the crowd at Lit chose to follow that path of Top 40 Hits.

As the security at the club moved people dancing to PeaceTreaty out of the way so that Drake had a pathway to the back rooms, PeaceTreaty refused to turn off the music. Stick it to the man! Overall, I had a good time in Tallahassee after a long oasis from the city. Menace Beach always is a fun and interesting time. In my opinion, it’s the best party in Tallahassee.

PeaceTreaty still has four more tour dates left in California, Arizona, Colorado, and Illinois and will be back in Miami in two weeks. Check their tour dates HERE.