Zach Deputy

Zach Deputy has proven himself to be musically talented, not only through the way that he uses looping technology, but he also knows how to play multiple instruments. This jam band crowd favorite has been known to play many festivals and shows across the U.S. and some international gigs as well.
Zach Deputy is, to say at the very least, soulful. From the dirty south (South Carolina, to be more specific), his music roots from a blend of Calypso rhythms, folk songs, R’n’B and more powerfully, soul music, with inspirations like legends Ray Charles and James Browns. This blend of unique sounds makes Zach Deputy stand out.    


I was lucky enough to run into him at Blackwater Music Festival, have a quick word and part our ways. He is a friendly guy, with an infectious smile and polite enough to talk to someone who he didn’t even know. Later that night, he played an unplanned set on the docks of the campsite’s until 5-6 a.m.
A lighthearted attitude towards life and his career in music has helped him make his way as a pioneer, refusing to give up. His website dubs his music as “island infused drum n’ bass gospel ninja soul”. Every time I’ve heard about or seen Zach Deputy live, it has been a great time filled with fun, friends and funk. 


His latest album, Another Day, is properly named, as some of his old fans may not identify with this new sound. Zach Deputy actually makes it work though. If you have not seen or heard this amazing one-man show, be sure to make time to make it out to one of his upcoming shows.


Glory Days Presents has given Gainesville the treat of Zach Deputy this Wednesday at Double Down Live. Zach Deputy will be on tour for most of this year. You can find information on all of his shows, music, store and promo/contact info on his website. Don’t miss the opportunity to see Zach Dep in Florida; he won’t be coming back until Wannee Music Festival on April 20th.


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