“The soundtrack to my dreams.”

“It’s like you’re floating down a river and everything is in that exact right moment.”

These are just some of the descriptions that some long-time fans of Tycho gave to us at Double Down on Tuesday night.

The bass was so low and noticeable that it knocked my beer off of the speaker. The bass wasn’t repetitive, fast dance beats, but of a melodic, soothing tune created by the psychedelic trip band Tycho.

Their performance was nothing less than magical. True fans came out. It was interesting to attend a show with people who actually knew what song was playing and were genuinely happy about it.

Not knowing much about who they were or what they were about, the music intrigued me. I was able to enjoy myself and my surroundings. The music conveyed true happiness. As one of the marketing coordinators from Grooveshark, Ori Blitstein,  explained to me, the music created by this talented band is able to affect you on a personal level.

Tycho is able to express almost any emotion they want and somehow the listener connects to it. The graphics are created by frontman, Scott Hansen. The music and visuals are supposed to go together to convey the message and emotional response that the band wants.

Hansen was able to play some solo stuff, which was quite exciting. It was very similar to what Tycho was playing, but you could tell that there was some variations. It was interesting to see how this one guy could come to create such different sounds and experiences, just by changing the tempo or pace.

Unfortunately, we had an interview scheduled with the band, but were unable to make the right schedule to talk with them via Internet. But you can find the Facebook photo album by clicking HERE.
via Bionic Beatlab








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