Archnemesis’ People’s Radio Tour


The first time I heard Archnemesis, I had no idea who they were. The only thing I did know was that they were closing Camp Bisco 2011, which meant they had to be some sort of amazing.

To the likes of the crowd, Archnemesis’ closing set was the perfect end to a perfect weekend. Ever since this past summer, I’ve been thinking about who they are and where they come from.

Archnemesis is made up of Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny. On 1320 Records, along with STS9, Emancipator and The Polish Ambassador, Archnemesis has proven the quality of their music. Their sound varies across the lines of different genres to create something different.

Archnemesis will be in Gainesville, Fla., this Friday,  at Double Down. Presales are $12 and tickets at the door will be $14. You can get hard tickets at High Tides, Hear Again and J2K will be opening, so make sure you get there early. Doors open at 9 p.m.


via Bionic Beatlab


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