Womp, Womp Womp


Basnnectar proved his talent on Friday at the Alachua County Fair Grounds. One of the more diverse and intricate sets I’ve seen him play, he was on point throughout the night. If you have followed Bassnectar from the start of his career, you could notice the progress and sophistication that he been able to achieve through his development as a dubstep artist.

His massive 2-and-a-half hour set left me wanting more and more. I was extremely surprised to hear him play a crazy edit of Funkagenda’s “What The Fuck.” The last song he played, his remix of Bassment Jaxx’s “Where’sYour Head At?,” was a perfect ending to an outrageous night. Bassnectar was able to play pretty much the song that everyone was secretly hoping to hear.

No matter when I see Bassnectar, he always puts on an amazing show that results in a great time. The Florida shows are just the beginning of his tour. Make sure you catch him in your part of the country!


via Bionic Beatlab


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