Bitch Please


Electric Swamp premieres next Tuesday with Bitch Please and DJ Ruby. Come out to Spannk from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m. Ladies are free all night. Sorry guys, it’s $5 before 12 a.m. and $10 afterwards. Not only will there be killer music of all types, but drinks specials are will be insane.

“The idea of Bitch Please is simple: Stunner shades, champaign flowing, fur coats and surprise remixes and vocal samples that bring back memories of drinking boxed wine in your car and getting hype to the new Master P track blasting on the radio.”

Heavily influenced by the hip-hop and rap scene in Atlanta, Bitch Please mixes deep, glitchy beats with hip-hop lyrics. Throwing in some electro and dubstep every now and then, Charles Moreland III has played alongside many big names including Ooah, Pretty Lights, Shpongle, Flying Lotus and STS9. It’s a different change of pace but definitely in a good way. Don’t miss out on the beginning of something great with Organic Vision Presents and Dope Entertainment. Hope to see you there!


via Bionic Beatlab


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