Dubstep is here to stay.


As we all know, dubstep has gained great popularity in the last couple of years. People who never thought they would like electronic music find themselves bobbing their heads to the deep, filthy bass that dubstep is. Dubstep has opened a new door, which artists can combine this intense sound with almost any type of lyrics. I feel that this is the reason for it’s great versatility. A few artists have proven to be very gifted with the art of creating this type of music. With names like Bassnectar, The Glitch Mob, Caspa, Rusko and AC Slater (as well as many mainstream names that have crossed over including Deadmau5, LA Riots, and Diplo), I am sure that dubstep is here to stay.

Datsik is new to the dubstep scene and only 21-years-old, but has surely proven himself worthy from the beginning of his career. On the Beatport charts, his singles have stayed at #1 for extended periods of time. He has held five of the top ten best selling tunes, all at once, on Beatport as well. What other dubstep artist do you know that has done that? Datsik has an infinite amount of music that is bouncing all over the internet, Beatport and iTunes. I had the privilege to of seeing him perform last weekend at a massive Halloween party, and it was definitely one of the better dubstep shows I’ve seen.

In fact, every time I’ve seen Datsik, it has been a well-thought-out performance. He combines almost every electronic genre you can think of and more. He loves to include rap and hip-hop with his heavy bass and does so immaculately. Whenever I introduce Datsik to someone that doesn’t like dubstep, they tend to change their minds after hearing some of his songs. Extremely underrated, this is one dubstep artist that you should make an exception for.

via Bionic Beatlab

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