Artist Feature: Flying Lotus


Steven Ellison is the great nephew of famed jazz musicians John and Alice Coltrane. Musical talent runs through his family. He made his debut onto the music scene for being the creator of most of the music featured on Adult Swim, and doesn’t really get an recognition for it. In 2006, he released his first album, 1983, on Plug Research Records. The year 2008 brought Ellison a deal with Warp Records and the release of the album Los Angeles (Note: The three L.AEP’s have remixes and songs that are NOT on the Los Angeles album). This past May, he released his third album,Cosmogramma, which sounds like an extension of his previous albumIf you don’t know who I’m talking about by now, Steve Ellison goes by the DJ name of Flying Lotus, or FlyLo. Armed with more than just a handful of albums, EPs, singles, remixes, collaborations and compilations, FlyLo has slowly but surely proven his musical genius.

Using retro 8-bit bleeps and chimes, along with various instruments, most of Flying Lotus’ music is extremely experimental. Not too intense, his sound seems to put your mind at ease. It’s almost as if his music traveled through time from the future and is here to show you that electronic music is developing in many different directions and doesn’t need to always be extremely fast in order for it to sound good.


via Bionic Beatlab