Album Review: Moguai – We Ar Lyve


Moguai is straight from the northern portion of Germany’s Ruhr area and has been making music since the late 1980’s when electronic music began to gain recognition. One of the few exceptional individuals signed onto Mau5trap Recordings, Moguai also has his own labelPunx Records, where he works with Phil Fuldner but not exclusively. Not only signed to Deadmau5’s record label, Moguai was the opening act for the Mau5 on his most recent European tour. The Moguai website explains that Punx is dedicated to creating purely new and original music, and has self-described themselves as “genre-free.”

Moguai was born Andre Teleger. Even though he has not gained huge popularity here in the States, in Europe, he is a God. With such a creative aspect on producing sounds in such a unique way, Moguai has released his debut album “We Ar Lyve.” This album is not your typical head banger. It creates an atmosphere of pure relaxation as the opening song, blatantly titled “LSD”, whisks you away to a world that you have never been to before. While most of the songs on the album exceed 6 minutes, each and every one is unbelievable and helps develop the album in it’s own way. Instead of deep bass and incredibly fast beats, Moguai is able to prep you with more of a progressive house sound. Moguai starts his album off in a way that makes you want to finish listening to it in order to hear what he really is capable of creating. On top of all this, Moguai has managed to also have an international radio show, along with two other monthly radio stations in Europe.

A third of the way into the album, we start to see the electro house side of Moguai come out. With “Flex, Rex, Mansion”, Moguai uses lyrics for the first and only time on the album, and they fit well with the songs melody. One of the shortest songs, however, I could tell that this wasn’t his true style and passion. One of my favorite things about this album is how much it is the epitome of electronic music. You can tell that working with Deadmau5 has rubbed off on Moguai’s style, but who can blame him? He’s traveling the world with one of the best electronic musicians there is.

Moguai combines both the hard electro and progressive soothing styles in “Blau.” A professional, experienced DJ knows how to combine both of these aspects in one song, and Moguai does it perfectly here. Even though this song was released on a single with “Nyce” a month before this album came out, it is one of the best songs on the album. This song makes me happy. This song makes me want to dance.

I wouldn’t consider “Lyve” house or techno, but just plain electric. This is a mellow song that I have definitely fallen in love with. It is so simple, but yet so complicated at the same time. As the song progresses, layer upon layer is added. There is a sense of well-being that surrounds this song. The end is surprisingly different and more simple from the rest of the song, but it still fits.

One of the shorter songs on We Ar Lyve, “D.S.F.H.” starts out intense and only gets more and more intense. With glitches all over and loud build ups that last longer than the normal ascent, this song needs to be intense through out the entirety because of the shorter length of the song compared with the duration of most other songs on this album. There is almost a Benny Benassi style to the way this song is composed and played.

Don’t forget to check out all of Moguai’s other stuff that he has released on Beatport or iTunes. If you’re in Europe, keep your eyes and ears peeled for Moguai and Deadmau5, as they are on tour right now. Go see them if you have the chance. I’m sure that, together, they are nothing short of breathtaking.


via Bionic Beatlab